I have put here a copy of a post that I have put into another group called the An Absence in Jerusalem...Please do not post replies here as I would rather you joined the group and posted there.

"I have been trying to think my way into some of the things we could achieve on this group and this is my first idea. We have here on ipeace and beyond some amazing poets who can inspire others; with their words of peace and hope, with their sorrow and pain, with their reaching out to others and their willingness to build a more tolerant and respectful world.

So this is the idea here. We have this barrier built between Israel and the Occupied Territories of Palestine. This barrier is a metaphor for the barriers that exist in the hearts of humans; this terrible separation and isolation we all feel towards those that are different from us, this alienation that our leaders like to sress. WHAT IF we could build a bridge of words and ideas between the two sides that do not reflect these political differences but show that each of us has our worth to each other.

I know there are amazing poets out there in both these lands that are writing some wonderful lines about their situation and about how they hope for peace and the eradication of all barriers that divide us.

So here is the challenge I put to you. To write poetry about how the people on the other side might feel. Let us try to think about a bridge of words and feelings about each other."

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Chante mon baiser


Chante mon baiser panthère de mes nuits,

Chante mon baiser femme d'envie,

Crie mon nom comme en ce lieu,

J'écris mon coeur qui bat de toi,

Comme et tel est ton nom,

Toi que je ne nomme,

Prénomme juste,

Tu es juste.

Ma vie est injuste,

Car je te désire plus que mes sens,

La vie à deux, c'est mieux,

A trois à quatre,

A dix même,

On en donne des "je t'aime"

Mais je me tais de t'avoir en moi,

Je t'...


Moi le rat, le sourire, l'oiseau, et les croyances.

Merci d'être

Thank you for being,

Everybody of you,

You are and you will be,

A soul, spirit and mind

On a cloud or on the earth.


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