In all the thoughts that prceive me in this day and age

where the darkness shall not follow,where i shall walk you shall walk.

For the day is surely comming when all will see the greatness of the king

and the world as we know  it will cease to be,

but all land and sea shall change,for the mountains shall roar and the trumpet  will blow.

and all will bow at judgements gates.

heaven and earth with wonders,waterfalls and te wonder of nature. all beings living as one.

In the heavenly wonders.

For this i prey to be that all will see the greatness our loving and gorious king,and all shall sing in oneness, apon the great land, for we will walk the never ending sands.


let peace i prey fall to earth no more wars and hunger.

and not let the children cry, let peace come to those in prison who have been wrongly accused.

Let peace dwell in our hearts and minds.

For in jesus we find rest, love peace and harmony.

World World stop fighting.Goverments plotting against othere goverments,

which will not help the world,for we need to work as one

like the moon and the sun.

For the flower and the tree d not fight,

let us burn bright the candle of peace,

when we knee to the creaters feet.

in sleep let us have peace.

For jesus said, in the last days i will pour out my spirit amoung the people young men will propheci and old men will dream dreams.this we ask in the name of  jesus.

writen by Russell Seager

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"For jesus said, in the last days i will pour out my spirit amoung the people young men will propheci and old men will dream dreams.this we ask in the name of  jesus.

This poem is dedicated to Russell Seager's above line!


The Continuing Davs


by Raven Cohan 


We humanists

Have been roamin' the earth in bodies for at least 45,000 years.

If you take the bible literally you won't believe this fact found by


You'll call it just a myth.

But more than that,

You will deny,

That once upon a time us humans could fly...

In Energy Bodies that had no weight.

They could not be seen.

So everyone was as light as a bean.

At that time we FLEW to the creators feet.

And everyone could do it, so it was no special feat.

In those times although I can't prove this is true,

No one owned bodies, jewels, homes or cars...

There weren't even chariots

And no one had lasoos

To rope a steer.

Then go home and have a beer.

We stayed with the creator...

We did not separate.

YES!  The flower and the tree


But we fight about religion.

Like a silly, hungry pidgeon.

Since we didn't drink Or eat.

We were pretty sweet.

We were VERY sweet.

We were amazingly sweet!

NOW! One says, "You are wrong!"

The other: "I am right!"

Yes, once we stayed at the feet of our creator,

In the brightest of that LIGHT.

We all knew the creator...

But didn't give, he/she/it a name...

We were all ONE with the ONE.

And life was not a silly game.

I believe we have potential to be there

Once again...

We won't call it Heaven...

Simply All will be our Friend.

And we will have learned,

Even with bodies,

That we need not OWN so much.

We all can be One with the One

And give up the Midas TOUCH

That usually turns itself into

A Greedy Grab

For power in politics.

Our tongues Wag and Wag.

But when the noise gets to be to Loud...

(Which, I think... it is... an Uproar!)

We'll remember to love everyone.

 There no longer will be  war.


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