hey guys and gals,

the following is

in response to

contemplating the impact

of 'believing' in god

and all that that connotes,

has had on humanity.

this is a rant of rants

if ever i went on a rant.

so i figured i'd fly it your way

just to see what walls it sticks on.

and what a better place than here.

... goes like this ...

You Are Here (& this matter of god)

ancient chinese proverb say:

he who go to bed with itchy hiney

wake up with stinky fingers.


that was just my first response.

if i were to apply 

some 'serious' thought to the matter … 


this whole god thing is pretty perplexing.

i mean, people who believe in god 

are generally ok by me.

until that is, they start killing 

in the name of said invisible 

all powerful entity.

then some of the motivating factors

may have to be brought under scrutiny.

if you find yourself in the act of war

because of limited resources,

and there's no diplomatic recourse … 

after much exhaustive dialog,

the truth is revealed = 

in order for our species to thrive

some will have to die.

and what better way to prove

who is more worth their salt

& most likely to survive

the next turn of events

in order to see

our ultimately sublime gestalt.

then to battle!

that said; 

if you must equate an almighty being

into your reasons for slaughter,

then i have to ask you:

"if i am such a blight

upon this creation,

why don't the guy

you allegedly work for

do me in himself"?

you know … do it right.

does he have something to prove,

using you as his lightning rod?

is it a test you must pass

to gain entrance to his kingdom

in all it's imaginary glory?

look around you.

if you think about it

just a little bit

you'd realize

what we got

is pretty amazing.

even that there is

anything at all

to see.

let alone stand on.

not to mention

to be aware of the sensation that; 

'you are here'.

there are so many flavors to savor of god.

in fact even if you don't subscribe 

to any concept at all,

life can still be pretty enjoyable

and purpose full.

life is in abundance all about you.

of which you are only

one tiny little incy miniscule part

that has become so obsessed with

right from wrong

that you can not think straight.

and therefore, 

for all you belief systems

you don't even get to appreciate

the wonder of it all.

where is the value in that?

holywar is just a monicker for murder,

in bad taste and a poor excuse

for not facing yourself

when you pass the responsibility

for your own actions

off onto your illustrious god.

to that end

i can see

god is an impedance.

and i for one

won't live my life in fear.

simply put,

the very light within you

is asking you to dance.


you are here.

that was just my second thought

and i certainly do not mean to offend

but i don't know that i got 

a third thought in me.

as you can see

i'm running out of steam.

when i used the word 'end'.

it had a subliminal effect on me

and i lost focus.

my only hope is

a second wind of O2

to all cooperating neurons and synapses.

but that's another story.

i know you'll make the right decision eventually.

peace. MJM.

PS. no, i do not care to sniff your digits.

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Replies to This Discussion

Follow a Guru
by Raven Cohan

Follow a g/Guru around 24-7
And you'll run into someone with roots
The same as you on earth or heaven...
You are not a separate entity nor is he/she...
All of us from God/Tao, (which is part of you and me)...
We are all ONE and have bountiful traits...
Yet on other days we have pretty lousy fates.
The scenarios of our life, (inside our skinny brain)
Are exaggerated to be the worst on anyone's terrain.
It's because we have separated our yin and yang...
These two come from Wu Chi...
Which is the everything nothingness
From which (originally) Yin and Yang
In a timeless/space-less Universe seems to have 'sprang'...
Wu Chi gives voice to the one song we have sang
From the beginning of humanity
On this planet or any other.
Unlike the animals, who also were born from a mother
And seeded by a father,
Us humans thought and acted.
We evolved to draw, sing and dance.
We think up scientific ways
To continually enhance
Our life styles with ever complicated
And less and less the SIMPLE...
No wonder as teenagers we're stuck
Staring at one pimple.
So instead of peace,
We get fascinated by war.
Instead of making love,
We get thinking that's a bore.
We look for excitement in all the wrong places.
We forget to look into our hearts
And get caught up with faces...
Ugly, beautiful...
Rich, poor
Healthy, sick...
This is the Tao's funny trick
To keep us on our toes...
But we rock back to our heels.
We almost fall over
And our head often reels
Our labeling of things finds
One race, country, religion SUPERIOR...
And then we arrange all
Our intent to believe great wealth is heaven sent
And will heal all our woes.
How the heck do we evolve to be content?

My answer for me, (and you must find YOUR OWN)...
With non-expectation... ALL ALONE...
Don't expect your mate, your child, your neighbor
To necessarily agree.
Get together with them and love them as they are.
That's my idea of how we're meant to be.
the very light within you
is asking you to dance.
you are here


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