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I wrote this poem a year after my step daughter was killed in the London Bombings of 2005.

No Room for Hate.

There is no room within my heart
for revenge, fire or hate
there is no room within my mind
for any thoughts like these.

I cannot find the words to say
just how it is I feel
but I know from deepest hurt
I must forgiveness find.

The hurt that’s been done to us
cuts sore like a knife,
but we must not, repay in kind
what has been done to us.

Instead we must try and find
the way that is so hard,
and reach out our loving hands
to find some friendship now.

There can be no more healing thing
than opening wide our eyes
and seeing that most other folk
are really just like us.

David November 2006

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Comment by DonnaChristine Park on September 21, 2011 at 11:06pm

"A Whisper of Angels"  message:

The Ultimate Question:  What is the Path to PEACE?


What is the 'Path to PEACE', dear Child?

The answer is very clear

Each must ENVISION LOVE within

Each must perservere.


Then one must 'choose' to WELCOME LOVE


Your capacity to emPOWER LOVE

Truly...the 'Path to PEACE'.


But how, if I can ENVISION LOVE,


How can this be the 'Path to PEACE'?

How?  Please offer a clue!


The answer, My the "Path" is paved

When You EXTEND LOVE to one another

Then, join with the Universe to CELEBRATE LOVE

For truly, We are all Brothers.


Dear Child, the map to the "Path to PEACE"

Is closer than You can imagine

For when Your heart 'chooses' LOVE

You will KNOW...PEACE is found within!!!


The map to the 'Path to Peace'...

is found in the 'choices' of Your Heart!!!

Comment by DonnaChristine Park on September 21, 2011 at 11:00pm

On this International Day of PEACE, I share the following "A Whisper of Angels" message...which is a gift of My heart:


The simple solution~~~


What if YOU could make a difference~~~

When will the solution appear?

What if PEACE is in YOUR hands

With the 'choice' of a heart~~~sincere?


What if the answer is 'simple'?

What if without review?

What if PEACE is posssible...

With a simple solution...YOU!!!


is YOU!!!


May YOU find PEACE in Your heart...Now!!!


Comment by Raven Cohan on September 21, 2011 at 7:59pm

Anniversary Day at IPEACE...


by Raven

It is anniversary day at IPeace...

So I piece together a poem.

So natural for me to talk in this way.

My heart wants to find the rhythm and

Sometimes the rhyme.

Today I want to say, hurray...

There are some loyal souls who want

Ipeace to survive! 

While most of the world is attracted/Distracted...

(Lives are splitting complete concentration

By focusing attention to screens of all sizes.)

We cannot forget to look outside the window.

My window is just behind the computer and it sees

The Atlantic Ocean, and invites in the breeze.

The poets on Ipeace usually speak of

The beauty of peace.

Do we have peace within?

Are we realizing we cannot sacrifice a smile, a grin

 Each time our words flow?

Or do we HAVE to answer a text, e-mail,

With or without photos attached?

Do we have to jump away from creating what

Truly sooths our souls?


Never depart!

Let the flow of creativity be plugged in


May a note from someone on Peace Poetry

Allow you to  spring into offering

An additional poem.

There cannot be too much Peace.

There can never be too much POETRY.

Comment by Raven Cohan on September 6, 2011 at 6:43pm

We have all been hurt by too much input from computers.

Sometimes we deny it.

We hide from the wounds of over-saturation.

By stuffing in more media blitz.

Denial, (not Egypt's river, but it flows in unceasingly like green, snaking water .)

It floods us.  24 hours endlessly as we think we are living, we are drowning.

It is suffocating our needs that are natural.

Sleeping less to attach to the screen like mold.

Blurring eyes really can't take it all in.

Our soul tells us to go out into a park, a forest, a mountain.

But we remain typing, or cutting and pasting.

"PLEASE!" our unconscious screams.

We clog our ears with the free music that

We think is a gift from god/goddess.

The true gift is


You have done it, Imawaken!!!  Thank YOU, THANK YOU, YOU, YOU!

Comment by David Gould on September 6, 2011 at 4:22am

The words from a peaceful heart

are always poetry to the soul.

Comment by Raven Cohan on September 5, 2011 at 8:28pm

Imawaken and





You put pretty images on the screen.

Let me encourage you to try some poetry.

Take a pen.  Write in your own language.

Use words that come from your soul.

They don't have to rhyme.

Take the time to see with letters.

Hear with words spaced on a page.

Smell with ink coming up from your printer.


Say yes to your inner poet.

Everyone who looks here will say HURRAY to

A beauty who wants to shine an original thought

On the Screen of I Peace.

Take your time and believe the typing forms itself from your HEART!

Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 23, 2011 at 2:20am
well said
Comment by Raven Cohan on May 22, 2011 at 6:13pm

God, Allah, Christ, Buddha, Living Tao...  And all labels for one power!

All YOU Students, Children, Adults, All Classes in all media...

Spread your word.

Be knowing there is room for all.

The World is spinning and some think a

Rapture will sweep away the waste products

And keep only those worthy...

By WHAT, By Whose standards?

What name on what one god will be

Embroidered on the white gown of

One Angel only who guides into

The Exclusive Club,

The Top, High Rollers

Who gamble that Their Religion

Is the ONE & Only...

Just as there is room for everyone's art

To hang on the walls of the apartment dweller

OR the home owner, or even the tent-city people

Or those with just a cardboard box.

The art of our heart of our beliefs, never departs

From this World.

Even when a gang-buster shock in the form of

Meteor, Sunami, Tornado, Hurricane,

Volcano and Rapture knocks on our shores.

The visible might temporarily depart.

But the invisible will continue on.

My Rapture is daily and it is a good thing.

It is Love from the unlimited, (I might

Experience it differently from someone else's.)

But My Daily Rapture is printed by me...

Hot off the presses of my heart.

I seek inwardly and find my great storehouse of love...

I share it best I can in words or silent prayer.

Have some rapture everyday of your own making.

The way you see it.

Keep if for yourself and enjoy.

When someone comes along and says,

"The World is ENDing"

Smile at them.

Let them enjoy their belief.

Or write a Poem!

YES!  WRITE a POEM!!!!!!!!

Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 21, 2011 at 4:53pm

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