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My little hummingbird!

Started by Clicia Pavan. Last reply by Clicia Pavan Nov 26, 2015. 10 Replies

loves my small one kisses- flower!loves my small kiss-flower!Each flower…loves this ingenuous feeling,that does not have time…loves living intense eachmoment…loves this poem thatwas not written,…Continue

♥ What is the lover???

Started by jussara riveros. Last reply by jussara riveros Mar 13, 2012. 9 Replies

LOVERLOVER ~ is what makes us passionate.This is what takes care of our thinkingOur first thought upon wakingAnd the last, before dormr, makes us dream,Makes us smile sometimes causes insomnia…Continue

Tags: Lover???

Dancing Flames In Synergy

Started by Leah D (Pixie). Last reply by mody Ibrahem Dec 20, 2011. 3 Replies

Dancing Flames In SynergyI see you and you see meWe are in synergyWarrior & Warrior'ess…Continue

Love hurts.

Started by mody Ibrahem. Last reply by mody Ibrahem Dec 18, 2011. 3 Replies

You told me that you loved me why did you leave me to cry in the cold you swore this time was…Continue

Tags: love.

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Comment by Clicia Pavan on May 28, 2014 at 12:25am

Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on March 12, 2012 at 3:36am

You are my Inspiration
A Poem by LonelySoul

You are my inspiration,
you lift my very soul,
You've given me your Light,
you know my one true goal,
the passion that I write,
hidden in my dreams,
in the glow of a setting sun,
dancing on moonbeams,
I'll walk with you into the stars,
found on a lonely stretch of sand,
to the ends of this earth,
if we walk it hand in hand,
You are my inspiration,
I just wanted you to know,
you take my heart with you,
everywhere you go,
waking morning,we start our day,
sometimes you take my breath away,
like waves pounding on a distant shore,
each day I Love You More and More,
it is for me,for us,and for you,that I write,
You are my inspiration,
you give me hope to get it right,
it is with you,I give my light,
I'll be your candle in the dark of night,
just hold me close,hold me tight...


© 2008 LonelySoul

Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on March 12, 2012 at 3:33am

I Lit Your Candles
A Poem by LonelySoul

I lit the flame of your candles,
the path I chose,you lit for me,
shined your light into my weary eyes,
and lead me into your heart...
As our Candles burned,our love grew
our passion was soft and glowing,
the candle didn't shrink away as most do,
but stayed strong and tall,it's light seen from afar...
While adding a loving glow to a cozy room,
Storms outside blew,drafts came,
only to flicker our little flame,
it teased at the shadows on the walls,
as they danced upon our naked entwined bodies...
I looked on the candles glow,and they blushed in red,
they quietly watched us drift off to slumber,
guarding the night against total darkness...


© 2008 LonelySoul

Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on March 12, 2012 at 3:31am

Lord...I Tried
A Poem by LonelySoul

 my story

In my days of  Innocence,when I was a little boy,
I'd fantasize the day away,Dreaming was my Best Toy...
Oh,I had my Cars,and I'd build my cities in the dirt,
In the Shade,I had it Made,Where Dreaming never Hurt...
As I got older,I grew a little bolder,but still I kept to myself...
Like the "Madd Hatter",others just didn't matter,
and everybody else, just went on a shelf...
I didn't care what other folks thought,
didn't give a hoot about what they bought...
I found you don't need a Dime just to Dream,
If you just spend the time, You'll see what I mean...
Fly my Lonely Soul into a moonlit sky,
I write of my fantasies and my dreams of  by and by...
If you take the time to treat your nose,
or make the time to enjoy a Rose...
Hiden Secrets,Stories of a Beauty  foretold,
something to fantasize,even when you get old...
So I learn all I can,growing into a Man,
to find my Passion that's hidden inside...
For when I write,my pen takes flight,
and My Little Demons have no place to hide...
when people ask,"How is your Day"? I can only say,
"Just Fine,How are You?and Y'all Have a Nice Day...
But what I really think,is you wouldn't listen anyway...
Glossing my eyes,I fantasize,
and then I  Realize...
Everybody stuck in their own little world,
feeding that greed,or feeding the need,
or their Feelings for a boy or that Girl...
Seeing you there standing Naked, makes me think,
We are so Small,so Fragile,and weak,
We're going to Hell in a HandBasket,
We could All be Gone in a Blink...
I write of Troubles, Humanity puts our Planet through...
I Feel the Greed,I Feel the Need,
We're Going to Hell in a HandBasket,the World,Me and You...
My Dream became a NightMare,for I could plainly see,
I plant my Seeds of Good Intentions,to Help Humanity...
but only lonely souls,will even listen to my words,
only forgotten memories,of everything they heard...
We lost control,of the Ship that we call "LIFE",
GhostShips of our Fantasies,in Reality only strife...
All our Momma's Drama's,Kids at War and Finding Harm,
Fighting for Liberty and Freedom,All of Our Brothers in Arms...
Some Cannot come Home,if just to tell their story,
in a World Without a Poet,None Will FEEL Their Glory...
So I found my Passion,all these years I've tried to Hide,
Giving my Painful Lessons,Showing ALL That I had Tried...
to Overcome My Stumbling Blocks,Strewn along my Path,
Try to Fight the Good Fight,for I Fear the Demons Wrath...
I'm giving you my Lessons,Showing Jesus that I have Tried,
I Left My mark on Humanity,
my words may live on,even After I have Died...

Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on January 5, 2012 at 3:29am

I am happy you enjoy my musings Mody ..*smiles* my writings are by mood or moment,by those inspire me, I never know when it will flow? I write poetic lyrical words in thoughts in my mind,all the time..

But so often by the time I get to pen or paper..

or to type on this computer

all my thoughts and words are gone..So,sometimes I manage to write down what I write & sometimes I send with minds eye,flowing threw the cosmos to where ever,or who ever my words are meant for..

Hugs,Peace,Love ,kiss xx

Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on December 31, 2011 at 6:48pm


Slowly the hands of time
sweep away another passing year.
As a new one dawns
just past the horizons verge.
With silken wings
I stand before the gates.
of this new plateau
Leaving behind the days of old
that are etched within my memory.
Each scar upon my heart
a gentle reminder
of pain and battles fought.
Flowing upon healing tears
of indigo.
Deeply I sigh
taking in the fragrant breath
of the unknown.
that lies just beyond my view.
Flame of hope within my hand
as the breath of the universe
carries my soul.
Beyond the realm of dreams
to a new beginning....


Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on December 25, 2011 at 4:10pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...all for peace and love

Comment by mody Ibrahem on December 24, 2011 at 10:08am

thank  you Jussara, 

wish you and all  your family  Merry Christmas  and happy holiday

much love,peace and light


Comment by mody Ibrahem on December 22, 2011 at 4:19am


i wish all members of Poemlovers and all the world happy holiday and merry christmas .
love,peace and light from Egypt

Comment by mody Ibrahem on December 19, 2011 at 5:21am

ohhh Leah !! how beautiful thoughts and touching  words .

i read it 2 times now and still want read it again .

thank  you so much for post it and welcome  to Poem lovers 

do not stop  to share  your  thoughts  and poem plz


warm  hugs


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