I count my blessings along life's way;
wake up in the morning
thanking the Lord for
giving me another day.

We don't know how blessed we are to be able to
hear, see, feel, smell, taste and walk
all the basic things we take for granted like
possessing the ability to talk.

God made us in the image of Him. We have ears to hear,
arms and hands to hold our loved ones near,
legs to walk to take us where we need to go and
eyes to see and look up to the Heavens to thank Him up above.
He even gave us a brain to reason and think for ourselves, but
more importantly he gave us a heart with the ability
to love.

I thank God for the fresh air I breathe deeply;
for the smell of beautiful flowers,
O' how wondrous they are to gaze upon as I
pass away the hours.

The green of the grass, plants and trees;
the wondrous sky and its brilliant blue.
How wonderful are all of these. I thank the Lord
for all he has made for me and you.

He miraculously provided all of this beauty for us to
enjoy. Please, let's take care of it and make provisions
that they are not destroyed.

We don't realize how blessed we are;
we tend to take everything for granted
because daily it's there for us;
therefore, without thinking we blindly trust.

We don't think about those who do not have what we have.
There are people who would love to be able to sleep in a
warm, cozy bed, or even have one meal per day;
people who sleep in the streets, out in the cold
with no one to love them as they grow old.

We are so fortunate to be able to live the way most of us do
here in the United States. And we are so greedy, never
satisfied with what we have. We always want more, wish and
strive for more..more...more than what we need....we strive for what
we WANT, not what we necessarily NEED.

Doesn't God provide for the birds in the trees? what makes us think that if he
provides for the least of his creatures, that he does not provide for
us, the ones who have his resembling features.

Let's stop being so covetous of things we do not necessarily have to have. And be thankful for the life that God has provided for us to live.

Some people are so much more fortunate than others that they walk around like they don't even know their sisters and brothers. Why is love being replaced with jealousy, hatred and disparity? We need to learn the meaning of love for our fellowman and have charity.

Do we give to those less fortunate than ourselves? What if we were
down and out? We would want and expect help from those who
have it to give. So why not give to those who are less fortunate than us,
so they can better live.

Be fair to others; do unto others as you would have them to do unto
you. And God will bless you for all the kind things that you do.
So, count your blessings along life's way, for God has been
taking care of you in each and every way.

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I've counted all my Blessings,
And they number only ONE;
But this blessing is Infinite,
and can NEVER be undone.

I look into the mirror at my faithful servant,
Purely bound and purely FREE;
With a smile and that knowing look that says,
God Lives HERE Inside of ME.

-- Victor


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