I Am

Walk out to this wilderness, this aliveness…
that's been calling for you lately
part of it being me, wanting you Here

Let Life take it’s own speed to Unknown,
lose your censorship along the Way...
I found it so sweet the other day !

Cry sometimes…otherwise,
how could you keep this feeling so soft,
this look in your eyes, gentle as a child ...

Moments you love, they apply to Eternity!
Here - is no waste of time.

Keep this Temptation for Real in your eyes
eyes of a child, that's turning your life around…
so you can learn trusting the Dance!

Love fear
so it melts down, falling in love with Love.
Surrender your fight, there's no control over Light!

Life, being You.
Time is your best Friend …
the Last Hour Now!
Check-mate , your Lover.

Your sweet preparation to Die,
for the Truth.

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What a Bliss!


When Old Earth gives New Earth Birth

we have too Birth-Music in our Parent-Body:

Thank you !
Me estas matando, Querido.
Muy hermoso.

Beautiful, Milena, Is this your Poem?

Thank you, it is mine and also ours :-)
Wish my Spanish was better,
I once spent 3 moths in Peru Arequipa...

Love from Here, Milena


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