The crystalline drop of one thoughts passing creates the controlled splash of the one to follow, and the concentric rings of expansion, like waves of Divine thought, steadily carry the Livingness further, into greater levels of experience, and increased numbers of awareness. The real change has truly been ignited ... the world of effects has been infected with the seed of cause and from this seed will spring a new and everlasting tree of life. We will tend to it's soil with fertile loving thoughts, and care for the sapling with compassion and temperance, and water it ceaselessly from the well-spring of the livingness of "First Cause" -- the Life-In-Itself, and when risen to maturity, from within it's branches it shall bear the fruit of paradise, and life everlasting. And we shall be that fruit and partake of all that it has to offer and to know that it is good, and thereafter we shall bear witness to the Glory and Joy of Life and the perfection of First Cause and the Universal Mind through which our existence expresses. We have only just begun ...

-- Victor

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