Love Is The Answer

Teardrops fall

From Heaven

Pouring abundantly

Upon humankind

From GOD's eye's

Which they came

Nourishing our souls

GOD created us as one

Acceptance of difference

Equals Love and Respect

Before, I sleep

I pray ,praise,

And seek solace

For a Nation


Engulfed in darkness


In my faith

I receive strength

Filling my heart and soul

With Hope for a betterment

Life is steadfast

And has no guarantees

A new day is not promised

Cherish and praise

Life's blessings

That's why I'm seeking

Peace ,Love , and Respect

For our World

With all the sorrow

And Disillusion

Step forward

Take responsibilities

Grow, evolve ,and persevere

I praise GOD for each day

I am grateful for my World

Sometimes doing the right thing

Can be a challenge

Some will undo

And sometimes destroys

Peace ,Love, and Goodness

Yet, I shall continue

To Love and Respect all

Some will choose

To remain close-minded

The World is what

We make it

What we see today

Are the results

Of mistakes made yesterday

Fore, what tomorrow holds

Will be as the results

Of what is done today

It's a shameful

That Peace, Love, and Respect

Have been replaced

With greed,selfishness,

And ungodly power

The children

Are our future

So teach them

Love of GOD

Themselves and humankind

Respect for all living creatures

And they will love


Love is the answer

Copyright © Night Writerr

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Loved this One Jill I am a Huge Fan
*Thank You* *Sun* You are Too Kind:)

*THANK YOU* *Kismet*


Deepening Spirit

Love comes straight from the heart
beyond enigma and given from within,
blissful gifts of happiness with hopes of virtue
and faith in believing.

Goddess of Fire burns brightly
illuminating moon beams beyond crystal blue water,
deepening the spirit within the mysteries of life
exploring internal discovery from long ago.

Temples of worship promises golden tomorrows
wrapped up in universal sorrows,
communicates through challenge from Mercury of chaos
seeking horizons of clarity sailing across time and thought,
meditating the soul in stillness.

Shelly Wiseberg, 2008


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