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peace / Gibran

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Comment by Clicia Pavan on September 19, 2009 at 4:33pm

Comment by Robert Strzalko on September 9, 2009 at 11:28am








Children sick with hunger
They lay in waste
Distended bellies
Lifeless eyes

Millions live this life
Every day
If you can call it that
It's more of a living death
That comes too slow
To a world that doesn't care
It's too preoccupied
Too easily offended

A child died today
Others will die tomorrow
Even the dirty water
In the village
Is drying up from draught

This is the world we live in
A world
Where politicians meet
And talk at international summits
As they dine and sleep
In luxurious comfort
The ice is melting
The seasons are changing
Fish and plants
Are disappearing
Becoming extinct

It seems as though
The world is dying
A long slow death
From centuries of war
And conquest of whatever
Seemed important at the moment

When they are through talking
And have solved nothing
More people will die
More ice will melt
More animals
Will become extinct

Where do we go from here?
When there is no clean air
Left to breathe
When there is no clean water
Left to drink
When there are no riches
Left to exploit
Will we hear their cries then?
Comment by Clicia Pavan on September 1, 2009 at 5:13pm

International Day Of Peace September 21, 2009
There is no way to peace, peace is the way
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God-Matthew 5:9.
Prince of Peace"Jesus is the messenger of peace
Peace is not absence of conflict but the ability to resolve conflicts without hate
Jesus said: "I leave you peace, my peace I give you.

Día Internacional de la Paz 21 de septiembre 2009
No hay camino hacia la paz, la paz es el camino
Bienaventurados los pacificadores, porque ellos serán llamados hijos de Dios-Mateo 5:9.
Príncipe de Paz "Jesús es el mensajero de la paz
La paz no es ausencia de conflicto sino la capacidad de resolver los conflictos sin odio
Jesús dijo: "La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy."

Comment by David Sparenberg on August 25, 2009 at 5:58pm

There is no time
For intellectual speculation;
There is no time for argument.
Does it have to be spelled out;
Does it even
Need to be spoken?
We both know what this is about.
The old ways—
Barriers of normalcy
The calculations
The social boxes
Political baggage.
This is now!
The age of thresholds
Not of locks.
Do not continue
Contriving complications
Feigning deafness
As an exit.
The problem is here
Before our faces
Looking at us
In our ears.
As simple as this:
We are strangers
On a dying planet
In endless war
Or friends.
What do you say?
What is it going to be?
Do we have the courage
Humbly to become
The change we long for?
Or tell me this
—even if your heart is broken—
Is there a new horizon?
Is there another way?

David Sparenberg
22 August 2009
Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on August 22, 2009 at 12:01am

Comment by Urus Fret on August 11, 2009 at 12:41pm
Tickles my brain-----

I feel a memory, deep in future,
a symbol that flowes, back and
forth, takes and give-----------

Originates from the Motherland,
let it touch, your essence, let it
crack your cosmic egg, and
release the celestial program---

I prefer exceptional ways,
to know who I am-----
when my mind, leaves the body,
so distant it all seems,
just likethe wind,
comes as a chill,
rush through your soul,
and takes you
for a tour, in an expanding
harmony, of colour, sound
and light, spiraling in and out,
colour , sound and light-------

Showers of GraceLight*******

Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on August 11, 2009 at 4:12am
Comment by Loving TreeOfLife on August 7, 2009 at 6:44pm
I love you, we are ONE, hugs&kisses, Elke :-)

The New Geometries: The Icosa-Dodecahedron

Comment by David Sparenberg on August 6, 2009 at 6:21pm
On my side of the planet, morning of August 6, Hiroshima Day, the date on which the black rain of overshadowing omnicide first felll upon the Earth…


You’re not listening
Sky is falling
You’re not listening
Sea is rising
In tempest-rage

You are not listening, no
And the angel of death
Comes on
Like rolling thunder
Earth is eaten away – this place

This is a terrible moment
In the valley of tears
In a time of tribulation
Terrible, it is terrible I say
Truly terrible
When truth is at risk
And the heart and lungs
On all sides
There is betrayal
And everywhere, everywhere
In the eyes and mouths - poisons
Now, not before
Not after – Look – be sensitive

The ecstatic flame of angel
With the eyes of crucifixion
The one crucified

This is when the senses
(And the soul
Housed, ecosophic, inside the body)
Need to be alert
When choices are monumental
When life, all of life, life is in the balance

Answer this:

Do you need to
Hear the sirens screaming?
Do you need to
Witness the perfect storm?
To feel black rain, as in
August ’45? Does

Creation need to split apart for you and
Death weld together for faith
Dead Earth, dust
And deadly sky?

Where are you, where really
When I turn to look around
When I search to hear your footsteps
Feel you breathing
Do you dare to know
We-you and I-we are still alive?
There is difference
Life is on one hand, death on the other
To live and die
Than to live for death, to
Be death’s ambassador,
The pallbearer, the anguished who
Tore the puzzle apart, flung it, pieces
Into furnace—end stop, endgame, ominous
Into oblivion

Answer to that – know it
Know (no), know
Your answer will be binding
Wait, wait, wait then… wait I beg you

For here there is love
There is
God in the shape of prayer still
And that is Kingdom
Are the peacemakers, the
The brave who

Turn aside to feel the heartthrob, heartache of the world, to

Hear a teardrop fall
In velvet morning, an
Angel sigh despair, a newborn
Cry in the blood pool of life
To share, to taste, to give, to take
Our common bread
Our days


He walks upon the water
In a wounded whisper
From mouth to ear
Far off and near
The sound
Of spreading morning

Star fallen
On Hiroshima and the end
Star of Bethlehem!


It is not prosperity
That the midnight bells are swelling
But Christ Mass and the dove
The dove
The dove of now

Peace – the cleansing rain

Hush, be gentle, gentle I beg you

Christmas Eve, 24 December 2007

from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg
Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on August 3, 2009 at 3:48am


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