Inner Peace can only be felt at heart when it is free from the materialistic things of the world. It is basically freedom of want and perfect contentment of life in its current state. It is about accepting the past, experiencing the present, and letting the future flow.

Inner peace is all about self-change, so that you can flow with reality. It is about changing your attitude, nature and it can be achieved by relaxing yourself first and then diverting your attention towards good things of life and nature. Inner peace comes from being satisfied with who you are.

In the article Discovering Inner Peace, I have mentioned few points through which we can achieve peace, Peace lies within us and it is up to us to achieve peace. With strong will and dedication we can achieve peace for sure.

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Hi dear Sukhpreet

First of all I want to thank you for this group and for so inspiring themes here!
What can i say? I totally agree. If you want to, you can experience inner peace in several situations.

For example, controlling your breathe, a yoga thecnique, you can experience calm and then, you´re able to feel peace.

Thanks Sandra, for sharing your thoughts with us :)



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