Communication - to speak with each other, listen to each other - is meant to have a very healing power.

What do you experience?


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When words commune together, as the very web of Life, they have the Power to heal and to create.
Great question, I wrestled with this one for many years, through many books, and asking of many perspectives, (inwardly and outwardly).

Words without feelings are motionless, Emotionless; Stale lip-service, of lesser value to One's potential for experiencing empowerment. ((( Yet still of value if One is paying attention to how One feels about what they are witnessing in the result, and further cares more about utilizing the experience as a new point from which One can leap into greater empowerment, by acknowledging that The Degree of Contrast Between What Just Was and What Now Is Preferred, is showing One an Indicator of how it can be different in the next moment. )))

Words begin as mentations and are all devoid of value or even of much power, until we attribute value by our blending of feelings to give rise to an intended meaning, and then there is the subject of how we wield them in our action of wording. Though perception of meaning and even feelings of others can be perceived By Me quite differently than They may have been Intended, especially if I'm not feeling connected or if I'm being distracted in the moment, (maybe by my feelings, absence of my feelingful awareness, or maybe the words in my head unspoken aloud).

Thoughts, Suggestions, Prayers, can only be Power-Filled with the incorporation of a feelingfulness of focus upon the outcome, whether in fear of loss or pain, or in Faith as Preferred outcome already being, already existing; Feeling It from a State of Isness, ( as in, It Is Done ). Our feelings of fear or of Joy IS the asking for more of THAT to match it, IS The Prayer, even if our thoughts and words would state otherwise. Feelings express more power and attract in kind to their position.

We know that it is impossible to hold both a feeling of Love and a feeling of fear, OR both a thought of Love and a thought of fear, At The Exact Same Time, In The Exact Same moment; they cannot occupy the same space simultaneously. So too, a fear thought and a love feeling is a healthier position than a Love thought and a fear feeling. Feelings Outweigh Thoughts, They Draw More Power.

It is Only for my Self that I Be, Do or Have an experience and we can only teach by example, showing what Is, From One's Perspective. It is up to the witness to determine if ready, willing or able to experience deeply enough to grasp, gain or learn from what they can perceive of what is Truly before them. I am both the witness of the words of others and also of my own, (and gaining better control in my impartial witnessing of thoughts).

From the highest perspective, the affect of thoughts and words on us goes only so far as we allow them to affect us, (though most happens by habitually conditioned programming and not as much by One's conscious choice of Volitional execution and command; which is why reprogramming of Self WORKS, and unscrupulous mind control can happen to us if we are not in control of ourselves ).

Thoughts hold potential for power, words hold potential for power, actions hold potential for power. The degrees of empowerment in outcomes are based upon the added or omitted ingredients of feelingful awareness and emotion. This can be increased or decreased in many ways; imagination stimulates feelings and emotion, visualization stimulates feelings and emotion, ponderance stimulates feelings and emotion, contemplation stimulates feelings and emotion.

Plato said, "Take Control of Your Thoughts, You Can Do, What You WILL, With Them"

Jesus, MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, (That We Can Show Of His Speaking Of Words), Spoke of "Love", "Fear Not"! He did not speak this as empty words but as empowering examples of Emotional Positionalities which have a powerful determinant affect upon the outcomes in our lives.

The Truth we hold in our Heartful Awareness and the Constitution we hold in our Mindful Awareness determines what we see and how we see it. They are the pre-set filters by which we let in the things that get in, and they are the pre-programmed pressure gauges by which only so much gets out. In short, what we hold in Heart and Mind determines what we hold in hand. We can't receive what we don't have room for and we can't give what we do not have, nor have in range of reach.
--- BV'

If you care to delve into the subject of mind more deeply then click on the iPeace Video Tab

and paste this title into the search field of the video section: thinkingness 1 - Dr David R Hawkins

It's a 5 minute clip of a 4 part audio on how to take command of your own awareness. The whole 4 part series are about 20 minutes total, I listen to 'em often as great reminders.


Thank you All for Being; for being You as You Are, and for All that You will ever Be.

Breathe Easy and Blessings Be.
Brother V’.


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