In Canada, where I live, we are blessed with an abundance of water. I feel so fortunate that this is so, every time I see stories about drought ,with it's resulting famine, in other countries. The other day, I tripped over this story while I was doing research for something else. I was so impressed with the way that one woman "was making a difference," that I copied it and brought it back to publish in "PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON!" Here is her story:

Lizzy Forrester is an artist and she sells her works online. Part of the money she generates from her sales, goes to various charities, "Wells For Uganda" being one of them. You can find her at the following website:

The Lizzy Forrester Gallery:
" "


Proof! So happy when I received these photos from Frances after her trip to Uganda.The well I understand is 56 feet deep, and was dug last July (2007) and the pump was installed in October, 4 months later. Apparently the diggers go down in a bucket on a rope (Imagine!!! burrowing a hole of 4 1/2 feet in diameter to as far down as 56 feet - hand digging!) for half an hour at a time.

I am very excited about starting to save for the drilling of a second well (water well) in Africa, this time it will be sponsored in the name of Lizzy Forrester and the funds for this will come from sales of Prints!!!

The Busoga Trust is the charity's name which has earned my trust and admiration. I was so touched to see that a first donation made last year, has actually become a reality! It makes such a difference when you can see that something you gave in the hope it would help others much less fortunate than yourself, really does reach them and make a difference.

....... judge for yourselves - have a good look at the photos!

I will be uploading, as soon as I can, the paintings I have started preparing, inspired by these photographs. 50% from the sales of these paintings will also go towards this worthy cause, towards a second well.

Many thanks to those who helped me - to a particular friend in Ibiza, who wishes not to be named;

Frances David - who works for the trust and follows everything up, keeps you updated as to where the money is, and how far things have got, and was so very kind to send these photographs with the wonderful informative letter.

Thanks also to all those involved in the Busoga Trust, in the UK, in Uganda, the villagers in Bugema Lukiyamo: special thanks to the Well Caretaker for his valuable work, and the Well Committee for their responsible and appreciated work and for their wonderful letter of thanks.

I hope that they will get to know and maybe get to see the paintings (will get on with them asap.... up to you Frances?) and I am sure they'll be happy to know, a second donation with a bit of luck, will soon be on the way

NOTE: We cannot ALL join the Peace Corp or other worthy organizations and go in person to countries where we can work to create order out of chaos and health and prosperity out of drought, famine and other disasters... but we CAN contribute the money that we send in place of our helping hands, to respected organizations that are sponsoring projects that make WILL make a difference in the lives of many victims of poverty and misfortune, world wide.

We CAN create a way of own, to raise money, to get other people involved, to raise the bar a little. It's time to stop JUST talking JUST dreaming, and JUST thinking about WORLD PEACE. It's time to get up, get out there and DO something about making it HAPPEN!

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Very interesting Christie! Thanks for sharing! I agree that people need to get their heads out of books and computers once in awhile, and get on with really making a move to promote better conditions for others. We can start right here in our own country. A cause doesn't have to be located on the other side of the world to be considered "worthy." Things like "Toy Runs" to supply children with something under the tree at Christmas and "Food Drives," so families can have a food hamper to make it through to pay day when the Hydro Bill eats all the available money they have. How do you choose between freezing your butt off or starving when it's winter time in the "high country?" Not all the hungry people are out there on the streets. Lots of them are suffering quietly at home, ashamed to ask for a helping hand from their friends and neighbors or even family. Empty stomachs don't make for peaceful people. We need to move things around and share the wealth a lot more equally. That's the way I see it, anyway. Peace Sister! ;D ~Annie
Christie this is a very inspiring post indeed, It makes me realize how much we take for granted,...having unlimited access to food and water when so many of our brothers and sisters do without. I will visit Lizzy's website and contact "Wells For Uganda" to make donations to this most worthy cause. Thank you again for this post.

Peace Eternal...


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