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By J.C. High Eagle

A Thanksgiving acknowledgement of all living things. We turn our attention to the harmony of the cycles of life around us. We adhere to only one Supreme Being, that of the Creator, the Maker-of-all-life. It is His power that gives us life. We consider where our feet are, which is the Earth, and call Her our “Mother Earth”.

We humbly address the Creator, by ourselves or when we would gather. We should always acknowledge each other as brothers and sisters. These words come before all else, with which we would add, “We put our minds together and give a Great Thanksgiving for all Your blessings, for all the living and non-living things. Creator, we are grateful for this gift of life and all it produces. May we continue to daily abide by Your instructions. As You have given, so shall it be.”

Now our minds are one.

Those who have gathered together, we see that our cycle continues. We have been given the duty to live in harmony with one another and other living things. We are grateful and give thanks, for this is true.

We also give greetings and thanks that people still share the knowledge of our culture and ceremonies, and we are still able to pass it on. We are grateful for our other brothers and sisters and share the blessings of their cultures. They are our relatives. Some live close, some far away, but we are all one people, children of one Spirit Father.

We have our elders. They have been given instructions to help us live a good life. For them, we are grateful. New faces are coming toward us, which is the cycle of our families. For all this we give thanks and greetings to mankind, in mind, health and spirit.

Now our minds are one.

We give thanks and greetings to the Earth. She is giving us that which makes us strong and healthy. She supports our feet as we walk upon Her. May our every step be as a prayer upon Her. We are grateful that She continues to perform Her instructions that She possesses. We are Her color, Her flesh, and Her roots. Once we acknowledge and respect Her role, then begins a true relationship, and all that is from Her returns.

The woman and Mother Earth are one, givers of life. We are grateful for both mothers, our caretakers, who love, guide and protect us.

Now our minds are one.

We give greetings and thanks to the plant life, for within them is the force of substance that sustains many life forms. Among them are foods and beauty.

From the time of creation, we have seen the various forms of plant life work many great wonders, in areas deep below the many waters and on the highest of mountains. We give greetings and hope that we will continue to see the plant life for generations to come.

Now our minds are one.

We greet and give acknowledgement of Thanksgiving to the medicine plants of the world. They have been instructed by the Creator to cure disease and sickness.

Our people will always know their native names for this is the name we will use when we are weak and sick. For invested in the plants are the power to heal. They come in many forms and have many duties. It is said that because of this, our relationship is very close, through the ones who have been vested with the knowledge of the medicine plant.

Now our minds are one.

Among the plant world, there are our three main foods: the corn, beans and squash. They are one of the main representatives of the creation, known as the three sisters. We acknowledge them for their strength in providing, not only to mankind, but also to many living sources. For this we give thanks and greetings in hope that they will continue to replenish the Mother Earth with the necessities of the life cycle.

Now our minds are one.

We give thanks to the spirit of waters, for our strength of well-being. The waters of the world have provided to many the quench of thirst, a food for plant life, and the source of strength for many medicines we need. Once acknowledged, this too becomes a great power for those who seek their gifts, for mankind himself is made from that of the waters.

We acknowledge the gift of our bodies, and the sacred rivers of water that flow within them.
To the Creator, we are grateful for our bodies—the tipis of our spirits, lodges of our souls.

Now our minds are one.

Once again we give thanks and greetings to all animals and Earth creatures that are of different kinds, and all of which have names. From these we have been given: a source of food, clothing, shelter, and beauty—a gift that sustains itself.

The deer and the buffalo, our main animal representatives, gave us strength and spirit to continue to live and care, as this has been inherited to mankind to continue to live with the cycle of life.

Now our minds are one.

We give greetings and acknowledgement of thanks to the trees of the forest. They too, have been given instructions. We acknowledge the evergreen tree, the representative of all trees, for its continuing support towards the cycle of life. We receive light, shelter, warmth and beauty from the trees.

We consider the everlasting tree of peace as a symbol of peace and strength, for all the trees are our relations. Forever reverent, they lift their leafy arms skyward in constant praise.

Now our minds are one.

Our minds and thoughts are given to the creations of the sky; the birds that are a part of the cycle and help sustain the balance of the natural world.

We acknowledge the eagle, the great message carrier of our prayers to the Creator, which was instructed to head the bird kingdom. We show our gratitude for the fulfillment of its duties, as instructed by the creation.

The beauty and the songs of all the different birds help us appreciate our purpose in life here on Mother Earth. Because of them we are reminded to enjoy our life cycle to its utmost in praise and thanksgiving every day.

Now our minds are one.

We offer our Thanksgiving and greeting to the four winds. They renew and replenish all forms of life. The four winds determine the cycle of the seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. We recognize this and we are thankful. The four winds help to breathe new life into the Earth, and carry the gift of water to quench the thirst of all living things. For the winds that carry the voices and songs of our departed ones, we are grateful. May always the gentle winds pacify our spirits.

Now our minds are one.

We give greetings and Thanksgiving to our grandfathers, the Thunder People. A series of helpers were appointed for certain responsibilities. The ones that come from the west are called, “Our Great Grandfathers.” They carry sky baskets of water to renew life. At times, they speak with authority, and carry instructions from the Creator. At certain times, we will hear them. We are grateful and humble when spoken to.

It has been said that they make a loud noise to warn the evil forces to stay away from the surface of Mother Earth. For this, the cycles of life will continue to be in harmony with each other.

Now our minds are one.

We now come to the day sun, our grandfather, arising to greet us from the eastern sky and when tired, settling in the west to say good night. His powerful influence is felt. He was instructed to provide the life-giving forces of light and heat to the Earth, for all life. And so it still is. He awakens in Mother Earth new life. For this, we are grateful.

We are instructed to greet each new sunrise. When we address the Creator, the sun will carry our kind words of gratitude to wherever the Creator dwells. To the grandfather day sun we give an acknowledgement of greeting and Thanksgiving.

Now our minds are one.

We, the people of this world, give Thanksgiving and greetings to the night sun, our grandmother. She reflects light so that there is not complete darkness. And helps the animals see to find food.

The grandmother moon has been instructed to have different phases, just as our mothers have theirs. She will keep moving about us. People will determine time periods by her. She will determine the arrival of children on Earth. She is carrying out the responsibilities assigned to her by the Creator. She is our night mother who watches over us when we are asleep. She receives and blesses our dreams when we send them forth to the night sky. They are seen and heard. We are grateful.

Now our minds are one.

Once again we give a greeting and Thanksgiving to the stars, for they are the spirits of the heavens. Our forefathers were capable of reading their messages, to tell of future happenings. Their spirits help mold individual character and the nature of mankind. A great wonder, these spirits, they guide and determine the destiny of each living thing.

Now our minds are one.


Within our minds we always remember the existence of our ancestors for which without them, we would have no life. We call them the sky dwellers. Others may call them angels. For them, we are grateful. In the past, these messengers have brought teachings to establish a right way to live in order to preserve love, peace, happiness and strength. The Creator has given the duty to the sky messengers to guide us in our journey here on Mother Earth.

Let there be gratitude, day and night, for their powers of direction. We give greetings and Thanksgiving to the sky dwellers, the helpers of our people.

Now our minds are one.

Now people, here we put our finest and foremost of thoughts in our words toward our Maker, our Creator.

Our people should always be grateful in mind, body, and spirit. For a Thanksgiving greeting should never die in the minds of all living beings, but should be carried forth daily as a perpetual greeting of thanks to the Creator for our lives and for whatever He sends our way.

We have never been instructed to know His face, but to know His power to create all things: and, in turn, we acknowledge His creations in our Thanksgiving message. He is always listening to our people.
When we direct our voices to Him, He hears.
When we ask, we sometimes receive.
When we are sorry, we are forgiven.
When we are in need of love, He reminds us that we are loved.
When we are lonely, He never abandons us.
When we are lost, He gives us instructions.
When we are afraid, He protects us.
When we are weak, He sends His strength to lift us up.
When we are disturbed and restless, He calms our souls.
When we forget, He reminds us that we are His love made visible.

If it happened that we left something out, we ask forgiveness, for we are pitiful and human. We give greetings and Thanksgiving to our Creator who dwells in the sky world, on Mother Earth, and within all things. “For everything, we are grateful to You, oh, Creator.”

Now our minds are one with You, Creator.

I like that. Native American tradition has a lot to tell us.
Glad you like it... it as worth all the effort you, ian and I put into getting it here.
We've got to thank you for sharing it with us ian.

If there is anything else you find that you want to post here please do, I will help get it here if it's difficult.

I am really enjoying rooting around rh, it's full of good stuff.


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