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It sort of means perfect type...... I don't know why the person who made the site included that word in the link... she well many know far more about symbols than me... I expect she does as I've only just started to learn about them.

I'm more interested in the symbols that are used in advertising, flags and governments, Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion know all about them, and so do alternative history researchers as a lot of the Egyptian symbols have been misread for many years.

I'm going to try to post more when I find it..... I've been very busy today and have not had much chance to look for suitable things to post.
It's ok by me..... I understand when it's not right better sometimes..... :)

I will have to listen to youtube later as I have no sound this evening as there is the tv on in the room I'm in and I can't have the sound on on my computer... :)
Rik Clay.........

I'm going to investigate him...... thanks for the lead :)
That site does not exist.... this one does

lots of info here, and lots of links too, I've not investigated them to make sure they still work though.
Nice :)

You are not 666...... :)

Diana was murdered on a special site and one a special day..... she was sacrificed... as are lots of people still for reasons that were instigated many hundreds of years ago.

I met Diana..... she is very nice.

Idealism is relative...... my ideal would be very different from someone elses.

Once you start to look for symbols, count how many stairs there are in a building, knockers on doors etc etc... it goes on and on.

You are observant, that's why you see them.... that's good.... :)
007 means something, but I can't remember what it is.... it's far more than James Bond.

I know a good joke about money, I will try to find it for you, it was very funny.

You only need enough money, and you always usually have enough if you have a good heart.

23 is still very young...... for a boy too.... girls are far more mature than boys at 23. Ross is 27 and he does not know what he wants to do, though he did work for 10 years from 16 years old.

My Aunt was from Estonia and she was cold hearted. I don't know any Russians, Sophie read a very good book about Cossacks, they are cruel. The book was called Socrates Journey.


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