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Each HUman is a cell in the cosmic consciousness. Everyone needs loving Light. It's the flicker that keeps us going. The voice of a child, or the sound of an infant while suckling on the Mother. Thank you beautiful Lady of Light, for all that you give.

Greetings and Joy be unto you.

humble to thee
BABY ANGEL Pictures, Images and Photos
HI. I have Attention Deficit Disorder and find opportunity for memory retention when I type what I am reading. I use myself to share some great works from wherever my heart leads me. Tonight, I found this channel. Love to you...Prosperity, Abundance, and Serene Peace.

Excerpt from Beyond Fear, by Don Miguel Ruiz...

Each of us is a HUman being. Yet, just like a cell, we think we are separate and we are not. All humans on the planet create another organ for a larger living being, which is the earth. Planet Earth is a living being. We are the Planet Earth. A single cell is human. A single person is the planet. All HUmans form only one of earth's organs. There are many others. The trees, the atmosphere, the ocean, rocks and animals are all organs of the earth.

The earth has etheric energy just like HUmans do. It has a soul. It has a mind. It is alive. It is a living being. It has a metabolism through which it receives energy from the outside. It transforms energy that it takes in and sends out its own form of energy.

Planets receive energy from the sun and transform it. On earth, animals eat plants and transform the energy they receive. HUmans eat plants and animals and transform the energy they receive from them.

What is the function of the organ in earth's body that humanity constitutes? It is to transform material energy into ethereal energy. We receive food and oxygen, and with our brains we transform the energy of matter into ethereal energy.

We work for the earth twenty-four hours a day, just like the bees and the ants. The work we do for the planet is to make emotions. Making emotions is the main function of the HUman mind.

We are dreaming when we are awake and when we are asleep. When you sleep and dream, your dream creates emotions. When you are awake and dream, the dream has a structure. Even though we are dreaming, we are interpreting everything we experience. To do so, we impel our brain to create emotions. This is our function.

Planet Earth is one element in a chain. The whole universe is alive. It is a living being. The planet is just a little piece of the living being that is the universe.

Who we are is now somewhat expanded. We are the body. We are the mind. We are also Planet Earth. There is information in the large chain that is the universe. The same information is in the earth. Likewise, all the information is one human body is in once cell of the body.

Once cell has all the information needed and all the power to create its own universe in the form of another HUman being. One HUman being has all the power and information it needs to create another planet. Such an act of creation does not depend upon reason. This creation from within depends upon the silent knowledge.

Even the cell is as powerful as the human body, and the human body is as powerful as the earth, and the earth is as powerful as the whole universe.

At each step in this chain, it is necessary to change one's point of view to perceive the analogue. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, one system is operating. It is all a mystery. From outside the human point of view, it is possible to see the complexity of the HUman being and to see the realationship of the HUman to the total mystery of the universe. Wherever we go, we are there waiting for ourselves.

Each HUman compares with a cell in a muscle. We are the same interchangeable cells. if I am you and you are me, I have no reason to hurt you. If your are me, then why do you have to hurt me? If I am my planet, why do I have to destroy the planet? Why don't I understand the planet? Why don't I understand you?

We might recognize ourselves by our names, our personalities, our separateness, but when we alter our point of view, the concept of individuality seems very limited. We are not individuals. We are ONE. The One is ultimately all universes together. This is the big mystery. This is God.

God is only a concept. It is a title, like a lawyer, or a doctor. The concept of God is too small for the reality of what God is, but it is an explanation that our reason accepts. We lack adequate words to explain God, but the word God is understandable to us. In reality, God is life. life is action. We are God and God is us.
Thank you for posting this Melody xxx

we are all one retro bumper sticker design Pictures, Images and Photos

This is not photoshoped, this bullock is this big!

I found this little sweetie on the net, I don't know what he is.... but he's gorgeous :)

Some of the worlds largest and smallest equines.

The oldest man made structure on earth discovered in the continent of Africa

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