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Only slightly cheating, I recorded all the episodes of Mol Flanders so that could watch them within a couple of days and without the ads!

I thought Alex Kingston was great as Mol and the whole thing was a good romp through 18th century society. A bit sobering of course, to think how little you could get hanged for in those days!
That's a good idea, when was it on? I missed it... too busy watching all the films!

Alex Kingston is good.
I guess it was a few weeks ago. I'm afraid I lose track once I hit the 'Record' button and the message says 'Record whole series?'

Unfortunately they tend to build up, especially if I go away for a while. I currently have five pages of things to watch!
We used to have a system like that, sky plus, but we don't have it anymore. Not that I miss it.
This is just Freeview but we bought a HDD recorder with it built in.

News headlines
M*A*S*H writer/producer Larry Gelbart died recently, aged 81. What a great programme that was!

It was a great programme, one of the classics that will be good for all time. Thanks for reminding me of it, I think I'll look up a whole programme on youtube for Sophie to see, Ross used to watch it and loved it, but I don't think Sophie has ever seen an episode. We love all the old classics like Ello Ello, Dads Army and Ain't Arf Hot Mum... just realised they are all about war.

Hawkeye was my fav.
Not sure I had a fav, they were all great in their own way. It was the off-beat humour that I loved. I guess there was, and probably still is, a lot of humour in war-time. It's a way of escaping from reality and these humorous programmes made about war probably do much the same. War's a terrible thing, we all know that but if humour can take away some of that for some people, some of the time, then maybe that's the best we can hope for ina world that seems intent on continuing to destroy itself.
Good grief that was all a bit serious! Sorry!
It was a bit........ never mind Les we all do it sometimes and you are right.

A very wise person once told me that in times of strife we either cry or laugh, they are two very similar emotions, I have often been so happy that I have cried and so distraught that I have had to laugh at the situation.

Either way it's better out than in, and if you choose laughter at least you are not loosing your precious body salts.
I hadn't thought of that!
OK, more laughter, less crying!
That's good........ after all this is supposed to be the Larf Inn ;o) xxx


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