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An excellent photograph, Sue.x
Glad you like it... it says so much if your eyes are open to the truth!
He is a good man... and knows what he is talking about.

I've been into symbols for while now, there any many hidden message in films, as I expect there are in tv programmes, the affect the subconscious mind far more than most realise.

All this changing of camera angles and such I'm sure is to keep your mind in a spin, old films were not shot that way and are far more interesting, with story lines and plots that you had to have a brain to follow... now it's all special effects and no content at all.

Thinking on what Mr Bennett says... there is no society now, no sense of what is right and wrong from within, it's a law that has to tell us now, and we pay out celebrities millions if someone takes a photo of their wedding that was not supposed to, but leave our wounded soldiers and their families, the old and the helpless to survive on a pittance... :(


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