This is one of the phrases that gets tossed around like a bumper sticker but rarely defined. In this discussion I want to bring up some issues that I feel are the barriers to establishing Peace on Earth.
1. Domestic Violence. Peace on Earth is the aggregate expression of each human
accepting and loving every other human. DV, in my book, includes any person in
a child's life that they should be able to trust. Only 60 countries in the World are
reporting on this. We need to get emergency reporting and counseling to all
countries so we can direct the resources where they are needed. All human
violence is rooted in DV. Parenting is the most valuable resource we can
develop to achieve Peace.
2. Clean Water & Proper Sewage. As most of you probably know by now, my short
formula is Education + Prosperity = Peace. We are now in a World where
some children are lucky if they live to 5 because of polluted water. The world
population has exceeded the capacity for the natural world to absorb. We need
to quit wasting resources on destruction (War, new car every 4 years, tearing
down sound buildings rather than remodeling,etc.) and moving the resouce to
implementing proper water and sewage to begin to allow all people to
participate in the new global economy.

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Save the earth means:

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Saving the earth, yes.
And looking right here where I live and see this sacred land threatend by a multinational corporation. And to see the people who have for generations lived here in small communities stand up to protect their land. Because they love it and know deep in their heart that it is sacred.

I am living in this remote, peaceful little village at the Irish west coast.
And I am just back home from visiting my dear neighbor Maura who is staying in her car, surrounded by supporters and police, outside the gate of the corrib gas project.
She is on day 9 of a hunger strike!
She loves her homeland and has vowed to protect it with her life.
This is happening right here, on my doorstep.
And I want you all to know about it.
The pipeline Shell is planning to build is posing an extremly high risk to this land and it’s people.
Please see

I am deeply moved by Maura’s deep love and her courage.
She and most of the rest of the local community have managed to stall this project for a number of years already.
Which is so amazing, Shell has definitly underestimated guts, intelligence and deep sense of place of the people of this remote stretch of land…

And they / we need all the support we can get.
Please spread the word and write an email to the captain of the solitaire and whoever you might find relevant.

We are all just simple people wanting to protect our land.

In 2005, 5 local farmers, simple salt-of-the-earth-guys went to prison when they stood their ground.

My intention in writing this post is to save Maura’s life.

I promised Maura that I will do what I can to let as much people possible know about this.


Hi to me this means HARMONY. What is harmony?

Weapons of Truth

cheers ;)
Save the earth means... go and join SavetheWorldfree.ning without delay!!


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