I invite you all to participate on Saturday 9.May (full moon), to a synchronized global meditation (at 8.00 pm for Sydney and Paris and 9.00 pm for New York) via the Crystalline Grid, for health and peace in the planet and in order to prepare ourselves to enter at the most secure, and painless way the fifth dimension. This meditation, which lasts for about 15 minuets, uses the symbols of love, joy, and healing, as well as the mandalas that attract the high frequencies, the extraterrestrial’s help, and the divine support, and at the end invites us to experience and enjoy a frantic feast taking place in the fifth dimensional Earth. Details you can find in my page (for the pictures see my photos by clicking on "view all" and taking the first nine), and in my group "The new Earth in the fifth dimension" as well as in my site (where you can also hear the meditation). Moreover, I have recently included in my site above and in the posts below, a page with 30 high fidelity recordings (8 minutes each) of the healing sounds of the crystal bowls, which you can use to clean and activate your chakras, to improve the functions of your body, and to cure physical and mental illnesses, (you can also hear the 30 recordings from “my music” in my page here). In whatever group you belong I invite you to do this meditation that I am sure that you will enjoy it, (as the many comments I have received prove). In addition, I invite you to join my group "The new Earth in the fifth dimension" which is going to be very active with new and precious information. I also invite you to read the blog posts in my page (that are marked as “Updated as of Apr.09”) with a lot of precious information that have been added, given by the extraterrestrials from Sirius which are here in Earth in order to help us with our problems. Love and joy. George.

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Hello George, Thank you for this. I have a long history with Sirius and have been seeking reconnection recently. If you can dierct me in that direction, I would be most grateful. I have deep connection with both Egypt and Greece and have been there in this life as well. Right now, I am trying to help the Earth by getting signatures and attention on this Environmental Bill of Rights found at

My other website for healing work (needs updating) is at I work a lot with the Native American Spirit, but as you know cultures all over the planet know of the connections with Sirius and other Star Nations.

Bless you,



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