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Changing Climate: Changing Lives

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Comment by SaveNaturefree on October 24, 2009 at 5:17pm
There are now more conflicts in the world than at any time before. What about this ?

Comment by Jurgen Brul on October 18, 2009 at 11:10pm
Dear friends,

We Really Need to Take Good Care of Our Babies.
Our Babies are Our Future!

For More Information go to and Click on:


Let us NOW make our world
a Better Healthier and Beautiful World!

Please give this message to
family and friends, so that
our world becomes
a Better Healthier and Beautiful World
for You and for Me!

Jurgen R. Brul
Comment by mody Ibrahem on October 11, 2009 at 12:19am
glad to join your group
it is a great place here
love, peace every one
Comment by Clicia Pavan on September 17, 2009 at 12:07am

E se essa fosse a última árvore? And if that was the last tree?
Comemoração oficial do Dia da Árvore teve lugar pela primeira vez no estado norte-americano do Nebraska, em 1872. Nos EUA, é comemorado no dia 22 de setembro junto do aniversário de Julius Sterling Morton, morador da Nebrasca/EUA, que incentivou o plantio de árvores naquele estado. No Brasil é comemorado no dia 21 de setembro, pois os índios brasileiros cultuavam as árvores no início da primavera, quando se preparava o solo para cultivo e na época de chuvas.
A massa principal da vegetação terrestre é constituída por árvores, agrupadas em sua maioria em florestas. Toda e qualquer planta viva, lenhosa e ramificada que ultrapasse os sete metros de altura pode ser considerada uma árvore. Sendo menor é um arbusto ou, caso se ramifique desde a base, um subarbusto. As maiores árvores chegam a 165 metros de altura (eucaliptos da Austrália).

Já o diâmetro da base do tronco mede até 13 metros entre as sequóias da Califórnia, cuja longevidade ultrapassa os 2.000 anos.

Importância e qualidade
Os benefícios que a árvore nos traz são inúmeros e variados. Sua importância é o de estar associada à vida, ao ar que respiramos. E daí a necessidade de mantermos o equilíbrio das florestas, preservando as matas nativas e mantendo protegidos os mananciais, onde fauna e flora encontram ambientes diferenciados.

A qualidade da sua existência tem a ver com os materiais que nos fornecem, como a madeira para as construções e mobiliário, celulose para o papel, carvão para as caldeiras, substâncias medicinais, além de óleos, resinas, gomas, essências, mel, frutos, flores, entre outros.

Sua contribuição para o planeta em geral não tem preço. Já que obtemos, através dela, a proteção dos solos, rios, nascentes, a preservação da vida silvestre e a manutenção de um bom nível de vida (ar, água) do ambiente em que vivemos.

De qualquer forma, mais importante do que saber a importância de uma árvore é saber a importância de nos comprometermos, cada vez mais, com a manutenção de ao menos uma espécie, plantando e cuidando para que se desenvolva.

Como salvar as florestas?
Como a metade das árvores que são cortadas no planeta são destinadas à fabricação de papel, usar menos papel é uma ótima maneira de ajudar a salvar as florestas. Adote estas ações:
Escreva nos dois lados de cada folha de papel e tente usar papel de rascunho ou metades de folha quando possível. Recicle todo papel quando você terminar de usá-lo;
The official celebration of Arbor Day was held for the first time in the U.S. state of Nebraska in 1872. In the U.S., is celebrated on September 22 with the birthday of Julius Sterling Morton, a resident of Nebraska, USA, which encouraged the planting of trees in that state. In Brazil it is celebrated on September 21, as the Brazilian Indians worshiped trees in early spring, when preparing the soil for cultivation and during the rainy season.
The main mass of terrestrial vegetation consists of trees, grouped mostly in forests. Any living plant, woody and branched exceeding seven meters in height can be considered a tree. Being smaller is a shrub or, if branched from the base, a shrub. The biggest trees grow to 165 meters (eucalyptus of Australia).

Since the diameter of the base of the trunk measured up to 13 meters between the redwoods of California, whose longevity is over 2,000 years.

Relevance and quality
The benefits that the tree brings are many and varied. Its importance is to be associated with life, the air we breathe. And hence the need to maintain the balance of forests, preserving native forests and protected while the springs, where fauna and flora are different environments.
The quality of their lives has to do with the materials we provide, such as wood for construction and furniture, pulp for paper, coal boilers, medicinal, as well as oils, resins, gums, oils, honey, fruits flowers, among others.
His contribution to the planet in general is priceless. Since we get through it, the protection of soils, rivers, springs, wildlife preservation and maintenance of a good standard of living (air, water) environment in which we live.
Anyway, more important than knowing the importance of a tree is to know the importance of commitment, increasingly, with the maintenance of at least one species, planting and tending to develop.
How to save the forests?
As half of the trees that are cut on the planet are for the manufacture of paper, use less paper is a great way to help save the forests. Perform these actions:
Write on both sides of each sheet of paper and try to use scrap paper or half sheet when possible. Recycle all paper when you finish using it;
Clicia Pavan
Comment by Warren Jeffrey Motter on September 16, 2009 at 2:32am
Comment by Clicia Pavan on September 1, 2009 at 5:12pm

International Day Of Peace September 21, 2009
There is no way to peace, peace is the way
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God-Matthew 5:9.
Prince of Peace"Jesus is the messenger of peace
Peace is not absence of conflict but the ability to resolve conflicts without hate
Jesus said: "I leave you peace, my peace I give you.

Día Internacional de la Paz 21 de septiembre 2009
No hay camino hacia la paz, la paz es el camino
Bienaventurados los pacificadores, porque ellos serán llamados hijos de Dios-Mateo 5:9.
Príncipe de Paz "Jesús es el mensajero de la paz
La paz no es ausencia de conflicto sino la capacidad de resolver los conflictos sin odio
Jesús dijo: "La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy."

Comment by David Sparenberg on August 22, 2009 at 8:31pm

Here is only a partial reply to your question. While I have studied the world's religions, those of the present and several of the past, I now take little interest in t metaphysical or theological arguments. What has become important to me is the wakefulness and vitality of the soul, of soul-to-soul communication, people finding their way to the pathos of the divine, individually and together, and our participation in the creative healing of the Earth, history and the human condition. Within this open invitation to take part in the voice of the hour, what President Obama calls "the fierce urgency of now," there are but three central tenets I adhere to: respect for life and the acknowledgement of vulnerability, which moves the heart to humility, courage and compassion; the recognition that there is an interconnecting intimacy of pathos that extends from the divine source throughout all of creation and which we are responsible to respond to, and that within the dynamic of the dialogue of response awaits the possibility of the prophetic promise of a steadily emerging and evolutionary globalization of peace, justice and lovingkindness, borne from creativity, respect and a sanctifying embrace of otherness. The furtherance of this communion of hallowing requires what James Endredy calls “counter practice” and I have no doubt that the creation of democratizing counter practices is revolutionary. However, it is gentle and quiet revolution, which demands no bloodshed for accomplishment, but requests in the depth of living articulation a bonding commitment to the future mutuality and biotic integrity of planetary life.


The pure and sweet souled
Mahatma Gandhi
commonly said,
"I am a Hindu and a Moslem,
a Christian and a Buddhist.”
In his ashram
at daily prayers,
Gandhi prayed
to include all faiths.
We too would benefit
from his lesson
in tolerance and participation.
the essence of
all religion is compassion.

Can we say:
I am a human being,
living here, in this time, in this
space, a citizen of the world;
an integral and engaged member
of this One
Earth Global Village.
I am a Hindu and a Moslem,
a Christian and a Buddhist,
a Pagan and a Jew.

I am one
with all compassion,
with all genuine love,
with authentic integrity,
for freedom for justice,
for peace and for honesty,
affirming dignity
protecting diversity
in nature and of cultures.

Wherever there is humility
and an open heart,
I am, in my soul.
Wherever there is kindness
and an open hand,
I am with these
unconditional hands
of flesh and life-giving energy.

I am food
and I am water.
I am air
and I am light.
I am many
and I am only one.
is the phenomenal power
of cosmic unity.
Where a voice is necessary,
I shall be
a steadfast word.
Where an ear is called for,
I shall be the foremost
of heartfelt concern.
Where eyes are required,
I shall bear witness
with uncompromising vision.

There is no purpose
here, in this life,
greater than devotion and praise.
There is no path
for the mortal sojourn
more worthy
than the way
of expressed compassion.

I am a child
in the family of living spirit
and in the unboundaried
of universal souls.

Like the genuine
I would open my hands
and my little self,
releasing the canker
worm of violence
and welcoming the butterfly
of peace.

Here, between my tears
and the smile
of awakened serenity,
I offer my prayer:

Generation, you,
let me stand
among us all, on this wounded
mother earth, with
naked feet,
in humility and courage,
to be who I am,
when I have understood
and transcended
the misconceptions
and the betrayal
of who I was.

The poem Compassion is from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg
Comment by tim max on August 17, 2009 at 1:28am
Comment by Jurgen Brul on August 7, 2009 at 6:16pm
Dear friends,

Let us Now take Good Care of
Ourselves and
Our Children

For More Information go to and Click on:
UNICEF: World Health Breastfeeding


Let us NOW make our world
a Better Healthier and Beautiful World
for You and for Me!

Please give this message to family and friends, so that
the world becomes a Better Healthier and Beautiful World
for You and for Me!

Jurgen R. Brul
Comment by David Sparenberg on August 6, 2009 at 6:20pm
On my side of the planet, morning of August 6, Hiroshima Day, the date on which the black rain of overshadowing omnicide first feel upon the Earth…


You’re not listening
Sky is falling
You’re not listening
Sea is rising
In tempest-rage

You are not listening, no
And the angel of death
Comes on
Like rolling thunder
Earth is eaten away – this place

This is a terrible moment
In the valley of tears
In a time of tribulation
Terrible, it is terrible I say
Truly terrible
When truth is at risk
And the heart and lungs
On all sides
There is betrayal
And everywhere, everywhere
In the eyes and mouths - poisons
Now, not before
Not after – Look – be sensitive

The ecstatic flame of angel
With the eyes of crucifixion
The one crucified

This is when the senses
(And the soul
Housed, ecosophic, inside the body)
Need to be alert
When choices are monumental
When life, all of life, life is in the balance

Answer this:

Do you need to
Hear the sirens screaming?
Do you need to
Witness the perfect storm?
To feel black rain, as in
August ’45? Does

Creation need to split apart for you and
Death weld together for faith
Dead Earth, dust
And deadly sky?

Where are you, where really
When I turn to look around
When I search to hear your footsteps
Feel you breathing
Do you dare to know
We-you and I-we are still alive?
There is difference
Life is on one hand, death on the other
To live and die
Than to live for death, to
Be death’s ambassador,
The pallbearer, the anguished who
Tore the puzzle apart, flung it, pieces
Into furnace—end stop, endgame, ominous
Into oblivion

Answer to that – know it
Know (no), know
Your answer will be binding
Wait, wait, wait then… wait I beg you

For here there is love
There is
God in the shape of prayer still
And that is Kingdom
Are the peacemakers, the
The brave who

Turn aside to feel the heartthrob, heartache of the world, to

Hear a teardrop fall
In velvet morning, an
Angel sigh despair, a newborn
Cry in the blood pool of life
To share, to taste, to give, to take
Our common bread
Our days


He walks upon the water
In a wounded whisper
From mouth to ear
Far off and near
The sound
Of spreading morning

Star fallen
On Hiroshima and the end
Star of Bethlehem!


It is not prosperity
That the midnight bells are swelling
But Christ Mass and the dove
The dove
The dove of now

Peace – the cleansing rain

Hush, be gentle, gentle I beg you

Christmas Eve, 24 December 2007

from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg

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