what s the opinion of the menbers of this group concerning the war in Iraq and Palastine under the name of democracy and liberty ?

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i hate liberty , i hate democracy if it will bring curses and disasters to humanity .i hate them if USA and Israel will stole our lands .Liberty is for everybody and dimocracy is not just for USA and Israel ,democracy is for every societies regardless to their religions , traditions and economic situations .i hate capitalism if it will kill all good thinks and wonderfull feelings inside ourselves.
Okay lets talk about it. I’ll try not to get all long winded

Who likes war? I doubt any one is going to say that they do.
It’s a horrible thing. What can the little guy do to stop it? Listen to Bob Dylan Masters of War is a good choice. Well we could band together against those who profit from making us all hate and fear and love and embrace as citizens of the world. We are here so we are already trying to do that. We could all be conscientious objectors. My sons are conscientious objectors.

We can write and speak out against war. Make movies, write songs , Paint.

Who likes what is happening to Palestinians? I don’t its unjust and oppressive. It just plain wrong. Zionism is a racist notion and has no place in the multicultural world in which we live, but there are those who cling to the notion. What can we do? Boycotts against companies that support Israel. (there are lists but you probably don’t buy these products unless you drink Coke or use a Motorola cell phone) , support the Israelis who demonstrate against the war and the oppression of Palestine. Join Seeds of Peace, Join free Gaza, have peaceful demonstrations. Many of these things are already happening and sadly after the bombing of Gaza they are happening more intensely. Many more people are speaking out against Zionists. We can also support a war crimes trial against the leaders of Israel. Of course this does mean Hamas will probably face charges too as crazy as that seems but that’s the courts for you. Any country can press war crimes charges from what I understand. But there are people here who know about how to do that.

Iraq. Yeah, just watch Farenheit 911. Micheal Moore’s movie. I did not vote for Bush he is an imperialist idiot. But apparently a good liar. Well he pretty much destroyed the Republican party in America because finally people woke up. Most of us say that he wasn’t elected either time. Course that doesn’t help anyone stranded under the sky.

I know I am overly idealistic from my cozy vantage point. But I do believe that international groups for peace are a good idea and welcome all who are peaceful and respectful. Groups that work for peaceful resolution, compassion and understanding.

I hope that wasn’t too long. Next time Ill just post a short poem.
Dear Minerva , hope you are fine!!! you said a very funny thing:invade....to bring democracy!!! i will answer you in one sentense.throught out the history democracy or liberty or freedoms must be gained by people themselves because if somebody give you democracy or liberby you will not feel it or understand it.at that time people who don t know the meaning of their freedoms or the meaning of democracy ;we can not call them civilized people.


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