If we look to the eastern communist world or the democratic nations, we find that woman is not really in a happy position. Her status is not enviable. She has to work so hard to leave and sometimes she may be doing the same job that a man does but her wage is less than his.
She enjoys a kind of liberty which in some cases amounts to libertinism. To get to where she is nowadays, woman struggled hard for decades and centuries .To get the right of learning and the freedom of work and earning, she had to offer painful sacrifices and give up many of her natural rights. To establish her status as a human being possessing a soul, she paid heavily .Yet in spite of all these costly sacrifices and painful struggles; she has not acquired what Islam has established by a divine degree for the Muslim woman.
The rights of woman of modern times were not granted voluntarily or out of kindness to the female. Modern woman reached her present position by force and not through natural processes or mutual consent or divine teachings.
What Islam has established for woman is that which suits her nature, gives her full securities and protects her against disgraceful circumstances and uncertain channels of life. We don t need here to elaborate in on the status of modern women .Most woman today exercise the right of freedom to go out independently , to work and earn , to pretend to be equal to man, but this , sadly enough, is at the expense of their families .This all known and obvious .What is not known is the status of woman in Islam .An attempt will be made in the following passages to sum up the attitude of Islam with regard to woman.

1. Woman is recognized by Islam as a full and equal partner of man in the procreation of humankind. He is the father , she is the mother and both are essential for life. Her role is not less vital than his .By this partnership she has an equal share in every aspect ; she is entitled to equal rights ; she undertakes responsibilities ,and in her there are as many qualities and as much humanity as there are in her partner . To this equal partnership in the reproduction of humankind god said:
“o mankind ! verily we have created your form a single (pair) of a male and a female ,and made you into nations and tribes that you may know each other …(Qur’an)
2. she is equal to man in bearing personal and common responsibilities and in receiving rewards for her deeds . She is acknowledged as an independent personality , in possession of human qualities and worthy of spiritual aspirations . Her human nature is neither inferior to nor deviant from that of man. Both are members of one another .She is equal to man in the pursuit of education and knowledge . When Islam enjoins the seeking of knowledge upon Muslims , I makes no distinction between man and woman .Almost fourteen centuries ago, the prophet Mohammad declared that the pursuit of knowledge is incumbent on every Muslim male and female . This declaration was very clear and was implemented by Muslims throughout history.

To conclude , I think that the main problem of Islam and woman in Islam ,our subject, is the fuzzy and horrible picture Muslims send to the other nations . I aimed from this topic to change this picture and give the real theory of Islam about woman .

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As a Muslim , this is what i have read and understand from Islam .I wish from that the dear menbers of this group their opinions about this topic .thank s a lot.
HI, Elisa,how are you?Dear Elisa, i did not said that the man and woman are only reproductive beings , we describe animals like this not human beings .anyway the first sentense in koran insist on the inportance of knowledge and sciences and koran mention that the main role of humanity in this world is to search to make experiences and help other people with your knowledge. Anyway i respect your opinion concerning western woman ,it s a very logical point of view .thank s Elisa.
Dear Elisa , the article is too clear.I did not criticise Western women in contrary i appreciate the way in with they gain their liberties and freedoms .No one can deny what British Woman did during the first world one and two and in the post war and no one can deny the sacrifices given by French woman ,in my article i tried to mention what Western woman bore to reach this level of freedom .And the main subject in this topic is to show the real point of view of Islam as a theory and religion about a women as a human being.I wish that you have understand me Elisa.
yes we might agree in something , this is the most important .
If you have confidance in my opinion, believe me Mr Dragon all Islamic and Arabic Governments don t represente Islam ,in contrary those governments give a terrible picture of Islam and Muslims.For me every cultivated person need to know the theory not its applications because the application may changed for political or economic aims .So i invite you to investigate in Islamic theory.i m happy for accepting me as a friend and thank s for your opinion.
Sir Dragon , i will send you a message with some good links and web sites which can answer you questions .thank s for your interests .
in my country almost every single human is ready to tell that Islam is bad.our Tv,internet pages and newpapers everyday are full filed by wrong information.people should to study more and try to know better about other cultures- than they will have right position and opinion.

i think that Islamic point of view of woman is right.Every human has a right to choose what to do : to be succeed in carrier or to get maried and have a family.i miss that view in my country.as i am very free and want to have my own life,this looks crazy to Lithuanian people.

suddenly it occured to me that my mother told me this when i was really young and started travelling and living in other city : 'promice me that you won't fall in love with a muslim.' :)) that's a perfect example. poor she.:)) i'm trying to fix her mind now :))
Simona you are just great ,we need many people like you in this country.we need people who love life love humanity regardless to their ethnic or cultural background ,you are wonderfull.
Majdoubi you are such a diplomat. I think the word libertine might be the wrong word for what you mean about western women and may cause some mild offense.
I have to say that I have met quite a few muslim men over the years who are real freethinkers ( and poets but that is another story) so I don't really think anyone can make generalizations.

While it may be ideal, I do think in some Islamic cultures education is still not as easily attainable for women. At least this is what I got from the Somalis in the refugee camps in Kenya and that is because it was not safe for women to study in the lit community buildings at night because of the high incidence of rape and the amount of household duties they had during the day there. .So that is a practical matter that has little to do with Islam. As far as Saudi goes I know only what I have read. It seems to me that there is a great variance on interpretations throughout the middle east based on those I've have met in Europe and in the US.

I did date one of the more freethinking Jordanian guys I knew from school in France. Which some say is not allowed. He was very respectful. I must say I had trouble with him wanting my daily schedule, which was really the only element I found constraining in our relationship. I know that was just a way of caring. Now some western women might be cool with that, but I was not. In every other way, it was a very level glance relationship. Now I have a good friend who lived in a muslim community and really liked that aspect of the group she lived with. She said she liked to feel safe. However she did escape through the bathroom window when she got roped into some arranged marraige. So hey...I am sticking to my sense that you just can't make assumptions.

One thing strikes me though, there maybe a few muslim women here, but I have run into very few maybe none. Majdoubi is that just by accident, do you think or is it cultural? I see that you have women in your student union group at the university.
ok i will explain to you what i had explained to Mr Dragon ,we need as cultivated people to know the theory not its applications because the application may changed for political or economic aims .So i invite you to investigate in Islamic theory.because noone nowadays can give you the real point of view ,because ''muslims in this age don t read and if they read they don t understand''this is a sentense from an egyptian writer.so IF we shed the light on the history and exactly in the first days of Islam we find that Islam gave for woman a naw life and destroyed all kinds of discrimation and segregation woman suffered from (they were looked before Islam just as a body and they were just lived to satisfy sexual desire of man and to do hard work).Islam gave her the opportunity to express her self as a human being and to work and participate in the political scene at that time).After that because of the misunderstanding of islamic theory many people even now transform the women into an object who don t have any role in this world.So Susan it s unfair to judge islam from what those people who have any relationship with Islam done.thank s Susan , i appreciate your participation and i respect your point of view despite that you said i m diplomat .looooooool.see you.
Dear minerva , in any theory there are some principles which can be consider by politicians and economists as barriers to fullfill and achieve their own aims and goals which is not in the favor of people or society.So those people send many ideological messages aimed especially to show that those principles are false .i will give you an example to understand me better.in Islamic countries ,we have many people who are jobless,to solve this problem at least between man ,governments said that woman don t have the right to work and she need to take care of her house , husband and children .this example is widely applied in the 19 and 20 centuries and even now .for that other people think now that islam prevent women from work and this is not true as i have said in the article.so it s unfair to judge islamic theory throught it s applications .i think it s clear now dear minerva .i m angry ,because you did not give me your age??looool!!!take care
hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry i forgot!!!lady minerva !!!! i asked you just because we don t have here in tunisia many women like you!!!!culture is the lastest think they think about !!!!anyway thank s.


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