Artists would be good politicians! They see new ways to make things work!

They create new things because one things leads to another, and because they have to find solutions in order to make things work in their art.

I was experimenting with this reflective paper, putting it next to my newest paintings. And what I created are some interesting (though not perfect in my taste, in their compositions) new art. You just put something in front of the reflective paper, and keep changing the position of the object, taking photo after photo.

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Of course when you take a picture of yourself, in this way, it can come out very unflattering...
Yes, I DO AGREE, Stephanie...
Politicians see reality ALWAYS like this:
all people are good, excpet for the enemies, no ecology tragedy is REALLY happening, it is all ou impression. No storm, no tsunami, to terrorissm no terrorissm, no troubles,...
What a marvelous photograph, Stephanie.
I would be your boyfriend if you were not married and gently accepted me. Hohoho!!!
Yahoo, Osho!


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