The Arts of Harmony

Peace is achieved by Gentle Power, by Harmonious Expression, by Practical Spirituality.


Let us explore practical methods to apply these principles to Life, Love and the Universe

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Basic Principles

The Power of  Awareness

Energy Flows where Awareness Goes.  Our awareness can be focused in different directions each with different results.

Try focusing all your attention on one finger until you can feel the tingle in the finger.  This is the energy flowing in that finger.

Now focus your attention in other fingers, and parts of the body.  The energy flows wherever you focus your attention.  You can also focus on things outside your body.


Energy Gates

Each different spot on the body where the energy naturally flows is called an energy gate.  There are about 100 spread around the body including each finger and toe, and centre of palms and a series of other points.

Each point focuses the mind in a different direction creating a different effect.  Some are good for healing, others for strength, some for creativity, for good relationships, etc.  Each area of life has an associated energy gate.  By opening that energy gate you can encourage the mind to focus its awareness on that part of life, and bring healing energy to that situation.


72 Names

Most of the important energy focuses of the different energy gates are also encoded in the "72 divine names" of the kabbalah.  They can be used as meditations to focus the mind, or through particular ritual practices can be empowered to focus your mind all day long.  As with the energy gates - each one has a different purpose.


Mudras, Qigong and Meditation

Different physical and mental exercises focus the mind on particular energy gates, and thus open us up to particular abilities in our lives.

Spiritual Traditions

Most spiritual traditions are focused on one particular energy gate to create one particular positive quality.  In Discussion forums we will look into some of these.

Discussion Forum

Wealth & Abundance

Started by G Alexander McDonell. Last reply by G Alexander McDonell Aug 13, 2011. 2 Replies

How can we fill our lives with wealth and abundance?  How can we have all that we want, and let everyone else have all that they want too?

Breaking Addictions

Started by G Alexander McDonell. Last reply by G Alexander McDonell Aug 13, 2011. 1 Reply

How do we break free of addictive behaviour?Addictions can be to drugs, smoking, junk food, or even such seemingly positive things like love and affection.  Whatever the particular addiction let us…Continue


Started by G Alexander McDonell. Last reply by G Alexander McDonell Aug 13, 2011. 1 Reply

We each deserve love and appreciation for who and what we are.How can we give ourselves and others that support?Continue

Social Transformation

Started by G Alexander McDonell. Last reply by G Alexander McDonell Aug 13, 2011. 1 Reply

We dream of a world of peace, love and joy.  What practical steps can be taken to make this a reality?  What do we need to do to live in such a world?

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