Collective Policy Regarding Member Sites

In all cases, membership in the Collective, or its Ring, is limited to sites that:

1. Spread a message of Goodwill and/or Hope and/or Love.
2. Share positive, useful information
3. Express beauty in the form of music and/or art
4. Are demonstrably working for a worthy cause (eg to stop child abuse)
5. Are business-oriented, offering honest and reputable goods and/or services

Membership in the Collective is denied to sites that:

1. Contain nudity, pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material
2. Peddle MLM or "Get Rich Quick Schemes" or spam their members
3. Attempt to earn revenue from their members through anything other than honest product or service.
4. Are not tolerant of all religions or belief systems
5. Allow distasteful member profile pictures
6. Are not willing to contain groups pointing to other Collective sites
7. Force, coerce or in any way require members to bring in new members in order to be approved.

The 'keynote' we wish to be maintained here is "Uplifting" and the spirit - one of Cooperation.

All Collective Members are encouraged to get to introduce themselves and get to know each other.

In the spirit of sharing, note that members of your site may be
occasionally invited to join other companion sites, however, these will
be limited to sites in your own neighborhood. If you wish additional
invites to be carried from/to other neighborhoods, please contact me
and we will see what we can do for you. Alternatively, if you wish you
site to remain private, then please let me know - however, note that we
cannot invite new members to your site if this is the case

We look forward to seeing you in the Ring.

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