In honor of this group and of
those that have fought in too
many wars... I'd like to ask if
we can begin here. Yes, it's
small... But it is a start.

I invite you, my special, enlightened
group... To begin together, here.

This is being started on November 11th, 2009
It's Veterans Day in America... Too many have
lost their lives in wars. So, today, please spread
this to as many as you can. This will be our
core. Let's make it a strong one.

In One, In Love and Peace!

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I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. (Also, if you're a member of Facebook, become my friend, there, and join the ipeace and the Global We groups, too.)
It is happening...

WE are the change..

The Global We ~

(( (WE are ONE) ))
One for all and all for one, let us adopt this beautiful motto of the three musketeers as our own and spread it out to the world. This can be done only with the heart and love and not with the sword and hatred (conflict). Yes, let us start right now to bring about the change. We definitely can, if we wish to do so from the very depth of our hearts.
Bless you! All of you! :) I don't know if you can tell... But the graphic is made from tiny peace signs. Hopefully, it will represent the many it will reach. I have over 1300 friends in MySpace and it's making it's way through the pages there. People really are ready for World peace. So many of us now! :)
Yes, Kelly Anne. I agree that people are ready for Peace. But, they really don't, yet, understand the steps we all can take to Give Peace A Chance - every day in every way. We have to Raise Peace Consciousness everywhere we can. Peace shirts and peace signs are wonderful, yes. (And, your Art is The Best, EVER!) But, involving people in Peace Events is even better.

So, let's put our Hearts & Heads Together and come up with Positive Peaceful Events to Be The Peace that we desire to see in the world.

Love Is All ~ Warren
It would be nice to do something on the internet... Something people would come to. (I once did a virtual ball for a week-end and the turn out was great). We could have chat screens up for communication. I think whatever we do, it should involve people reaching out to others. Like minds are great... but it's the unlike minds we need to reach. I'll think about it....
Love & Peace....
A virtual Ball for the weekend.Are You a Member of the Second Life Virtual Community Kelly? I went to the're Website and it's just AMAZING!The Computer Graphics Technology the're is State-Of-The-Art.
The world is changing and so the people. Material values are going down rapidly, while spirutual, human values are going up.
Pioneers that walked the path as avantguard, should step aside and rejoice the masses that u-turned and are coming on the way.. seers and dreamers who had the vision are now praising the methamorphosis and forgiving those who laughed at them.. the 'first' in the old world are now 'last' in the new direction. They need our compassion and love. Let us invite them to the celebration!


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