YASUNI is the first project that is making possible for the rich countries to become co-responsible for the protection of the Rain Forest by sharing money as for us to invest in conservation and human development. Our “Socialist XXI century” President is finally revealing the true nature of his intentions that is to have won a number of votes in 2007 elections, as making his the Yasuni project, but now that he is well installed in power he needs the money of the extraction of oil as to keep the “care economy” giving $35 monthly to the poor so that they will keep on voting for him; as he said yesterday “the infantile ecologists are more interested in saving the birds than helping the people”, he knows well that the secret of the narcissist leaders of the socialism XXI is to give money away, “buy” leaders of social organizations, and misinform the large majority of people that are not in possession of a higher education as to decoded the nature of his demagogic speech that creates a massive manipulation with weekly mass media campaigns using feelings for revenge, hate among social classes and nationalism to keep themselves for long in power. Yesterday in the celebration of the 3rd year in power the President announced that the “revolución ciudadana” will be in power for 10, 30, 300 years.
¿Yasuni is no longer important? the Foreign Affairs Minister Fander Falconí resigned this week; he was the main voice to find the donor countries. The team that was formed two years ago with ecologist experts, diplomats, was finally successful, some countries made a concrete financial proposal. Rafael Correa our President declared that the rich countries are violating our sovereignty by imposing us on how to spend that money, (He obviously wants to use it in his own terms not even the reputation of the United Nation (PNUD) warrantor of the use of this funds was enough for him, plus the team is the one that wrote the proposal that was only accepted by the donor countries. Correa is clearly interested in the oil money, we are just facing the same “development” fallacy and probably starting the destruction of one of the major places of the world for biodiversity, oxygen, water and home of the millenary Tagaeri, Taromenani (non contacted indigenous) the Waorani, Shuar and Kichwa cultures.
I think and feel that we are no longer in a place where left or right parties and ideologies can rule our countries. We are in a point of human evolution where we know that we are ONE and that we must unite south and north, east and west, right and left mind hemispheres to end up dualism and short minded visions. We must be ONE Heart and Mind that is to united Science and Heart to create auto-sustainability for the countries that are still green and rich in natural habitats and use of the “western mind” to understand why this is mandatory (biology, quantum physics), “eastern mind” to understand the nature of our mind (meditation, consciousness). The use of new technology to find better sources of energy, the support of mind and heart of all of us knowing and feeling that we are ONE PLANETARY HEART AND MIND.
Of course poverty must end but what the indigenous people of the world had kept this planet alive for centuries and the communities had a healthy relationship with the environment and their children and elders. I think that we are at that point that instead of pushing the “western” value of capitalism that shows clearly with China that communism not only slaves the people but destroys the planet as is the USA with a democratic value of society but running late for becoming a Conscious capitalism that understands that capitalism without ethical, social and planetary values is an end road.
If we end dualism we could make our brain interact with logic and sensibility and that will allow to end the vision of bad/god, right/left and will help as “see” each situation making peace with history and understand that what happened is no longer here but that is NOW that we can change and create what is needed for children to be ours and the plants and animals to be care and enjoyed by all.
Y AS UNÍ (I just discover that it means in Spanish Y (and) AS(i) (that is how) UNI (I unite) that is how I unite. May Yasuní be the starting point for the countries that posses the GREEN GOLD to keep as the center of our vision that we are one with nature and that we can provide for all if we stop greed and fanatic points of view. Let’s open our hearts, our minds and our hands.

María Amparo Sotomayor
From the Equator ( the center of the planet uniting my Heart and Mind with the Global We)


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