Namaste ~ I ask that you please join the other Brigades and me in sending Light to Helen in Irvine, California. She is 86, has been battling advanced osteoporosis for years, and winning. Helen has always been in excellent health, especially considering her battle with Crohn's Disease. She is known for taking care of herself, swimming laps daily for exercise, strictly following her diet and is a very active, vibrant and beautiful lady. A vertebrae in her back was broken last week, and now there is another one broken causing much pain and totally stopping her physical activity. Her MRI shows that she is to have surgery ASAP on her spine and she is now considering emergency surgery. I have meditated and surrounded her in Light for pain relief, healing, and a successful outcome concerning the surgery. The request is made by her son, Joe, in NC and I ask that we also support him in our Lightwork. Thank you for joining me. The Light within me salutes the Light within you all. All Ways ~ Golanv

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Namaste ~ Thank you, Thalia, and All ~ Update on Helen today. She is feeling some relief from pain, is only taking Advil, and Dr's have decided to try injections on Wednesday instead of surgery. Basically, they will attempt to 'glue' the spine together; the situation is looking more hopeful for her. Thank you All for the healing energy you send and for continuing to hold her in the Light with me.
Mitakuye Oyasin ~ Raven
Namaste ~ And thank you to All. Latest update on Helen is that she is in recovery, still not awake at time of call but doing fine after 4 hours under general anesthesia. Doctors found a 3rd broken bone 2 days ago and she was not sure she would survive the procedure but wanted to be out of pain. She is a very tiny lady but strong. Thank you for your assistance for her. The Light within me salutes the Light within You All. ~ All Ways ~ Raven

Helen & Joe

Thank you so much, Motorcycle Hippy. This is beautiful! I have been offline quite a bit lately and I am afraid this is the first time I've checked in here since December. I thank you All for the Light you send. Update on Helen:

Joe, his son Jess, and I went to see Helen over Christmas in California. It was an intense time with her falling in the middle of the night, calling 911, going into hospital, then to a nursing facility on Christmas Eve day. Luckily she didn't break anything, but they put her on huge doses of morphine. After about 2 days of watching her go downhill we got a call that her renal system had shut down and they were taking her to ER and to a full care facility. NO WAY. We rushed down, had her refuse any more morphine, and did an old slumber party trick of putting her hand into warm water. Her kidneys started functioning again so they had to cancel the ambulance, hospital and permanent catheter they were going to do. As she came back to herself without the morphine she got better and better and it was a wonderful thing to see. I was able to talk to her about the Light Brigade and the Healing Energy being sent to her from several groups, did some hands on work with her. The night before we left she forgot her walker. Just walked away from it totally on her own. She was released to return to her home after another week. A bout of Crohn's disease put her back in hospital again for 2 days but she pulled through that one too. She just celebrated her 87th birthday at her home a couple of weeks ago and has started swimming laps again. I heard from her yesterday and she is really doing great. She'd been working up to her old routine and was swimming 10 laps daily. But yesterday she said when she was on the ninth she got really tired and finished anyway. She remarked about how tired she felt after only 10 laps and the ladies at the pool told her she had lost count. She got tired on the 19th lap and swam 20!!! I am so glad to be able to give you this update. I thank you for holding them in the Light and send you All much Love and Light ~ All Ways ~ Golanv


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