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The World Drum is a project founded in a shamanic view of life. It travels all around the world to participate in ceremonies

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The vision

The vision is to bind people together across borders, distance, race and religion in a common struggle for Mother Earth. As the drum travels from people to people, from land to land and from hand to hand its heartbeat will get stronger each day. It is a wake up call for us to reinstate our spiritual relationship to Mother Earth. As we move further and further away from nature, we have lost this relation and look at nature as something we must fight, exploit and destroy. It is important for us to understand that without Mother Earth and all that lives on her, there is no humankind. We are dependent on her.

How to participate?
For participation in The World Drum Project please contact us:
All participants ought to agree on the following as far as possible:
- Try to bring the public and Media's attention to the message
- Have the ceremony in a place accessible to the public
- Hand out flyers or in other way make the message clear
- Take photos and/or video and make written material in English or Spanish(diary)
on the ceremony for the webpage
- Bring the drum to the next participant (preferably in person).
This also includes planning in good time and conferring with The World Drum project.
And we call upon all participants to please add a link to our web-site
on their own site, and feel free to spread all information given from
The World Drum Project.

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Comment by whitecougar on May 25, 2009 at 3:43pm
It has come to our attention both the tragic destiny and the important message from our realtives the Kogi indians. Under is a mail from one of our participants and also urls for the Tairona Trust, please support them if you can.

Kind regards
The World Drum Project
Kyrre Gram Franck/Whitecougar

I have posted some links on the forum of the BDO about a group of
people that might welcome a visit from the World Drum. They are the
Kogi Indians of Columbia. They are a shamanic people who remained
seperate from the rest of the world, until the Earth gave them a
message that there were people in the world they should warn about the
damage they were doing to the planet. They invited film makers in to
see their life and spirituality, and published a book about it. They
showed how happy the people were to be extending their lands, and
farming them in an ecologically responsible way. They were giving up
their dependance on hallucinagenics, and had achieved status as a world
preservation area.

They sent out their message, part of which described rich westerners as
naughty younger brothers who have not been slapped down yet for
behaving irresponsibly towards the Earth. President Bush took
exception to this, and claimed the Kogi use of hallucinagenics as his
excuse for what he did next, despite the fact they had made a
commitment to clearing thier lands of the plants as part of their world
preservation site status.

President Bush sent in a plane, which dusted the area with a poisonous
cocktail that wrecked the ecology of the Kogi people's new lands.
Children are now being born with health problems. All because they had
to pass on the message about the health of the earth.

They now need media attention to make their plight known to the rest of
the world, and to help raise funds to provide help for those whose
lives have been ruined.

I feel that knowing other peoples have heard the same message, and
knowing they are not alone, would be of great help to these people.


Urls to read more
Tairona Heritage Trust reg. charity no. 1012018
90 Summerlee Avenue
London N2 9QH
United Kingdom
Comment by whitecougar on January 19, 2009 at 12:36pm
To host The Worlddrum may be a big step for someone, and I have been asked to find other ways to participate and contribute to the project. TWDP are constantly searching for new participants and you can help the project by sending info to your friends about it, you can hand out the flyers you find on the page or even make your own. Also if you have friends or contacts in media, dont hesitate to tell them about the project(Small or big). One of the most important things in the project is to spread the message that we need to reinstate our relationship with Mother Earth. And it does work spreading info about TWDP. We see now that some of the message The Worlddrum brings is being used (almost wordright) by politicians and others in their speaches, we do have an impact. This is thanks to all the participants and the thousands of people that has heard the message, heard the heartbeat of this humble drum.

Blessings and Walk in Beauty
The World Drum Project
Comment by whitecougar on January 19, 2009 at 12:04pm
Heres a mail from Billy Bonnevie updating the program for Phillipines.
I’m writing this letter to update you with what’s happening and gonna happen. I’m going up to Baguio on the way to Sagada, Mountain Province (3days journey) tomorrow to coordinate the World Drum Project, Sagada is a zone of peace and a symbol for the conservation of cultural heritage. It will be the place of the event on April 05, 2009. We will be meeting with the Council of the Elders as to incorporate the ceremony with indigenous elements like solibao drums, gangsa gongs, traditional chanting and dancing. An Earth altar with the five elements (5 colors) prayer flags (windhorse) would be installed in poles.

We integrated the World Drum Project on April 18 with the Earthday Network in celebration of Earthday 2009. The event would be at the La Mesa Watershed Ecopark. It would be a sunrise to sunset inter faith ceremonial performances from the different religious sects, the World Drum interweaving the whole dynamic. Then comes the Earthday itself, April 22 where in a big concert would be mounted in the Metropolitan Capital of the Philippines.

As of now I’m happy to share this planned program and hope comes smoothly like the summer wind. Please advice of any updates about the coming of the World Drum on March 20-25. Where is it coming from and where would I send it after here? Is this information already available? Hoping for your response.

Thank you so much. Walk in beauty.

Billy Bonnevie

World Drum Philippines
Comment by Keith Armstrong on November 22, 2008 at 11:13pm
Human beings had thought that only they were conscious,that only they held fears and mistook self-importance for self-awareenss.
Enamoured of himself this narcissistick man. Now some have joined the rest of life on this planet the rest - aah - well - may go to the Devil
Comment by whitecougar on November 19, 2008 at 10:57am
The Worlddrum has now traveled the world for 2 years. The humble message of the drum is to once again listen to the voice of Mother Earth, and more than 20000 people has been influenced by the drum. Even US Fish and Wildlife office and the Canadian Parlament has been touched by the drums message. As famous native flute-player John Two-Hawks says " And yet, here comes this humble skin drum from Norway, drawing people from all cultures around the world together in unity and connection. And I see that this humble drum is mitakuye oyasin in action. It is a vehicle by which we can see that, yes indeed, we really are all relatives. " Even though it is a sacred
drum, it has been, and will keep on being, played by of all kind of people from different cultures and religions, old people, young people, children, the homeless, the sick...all kind of people, all together in the spirit of this common cause. Allthough being the receiver of the vision, I claim no ownership to the drum. The drum is owned by everyone who participates in the project. The project does not receive any sponsoring from government or companies. The costs of sending the drum is paid by the participant, All other costs to run the project is paid by the founders.
Comment by AnjaRa on November 18, 2008 at 10:34pm
Hello again, Whitecougar!
This is going well, I see:) The videos are very inspiering;) I love to see more:)
One Love and Light to all of you:)
Comment by whitecougar on November 18, 2008 at 5:05pm
Hello and welcome to The Worlddrum Project on ipeace. Since this is a international project, the language used for this group is english. Please feel free to post and do visit our website
Comment by AnjaRa on November 14, 2008 at 4:57am
Det ble jo dr..bra:) Kan bli morro dette:)
Comment by whitecougar on November 14, 2008 at 1:51am
Jammen jammen, skulle jo gjøre den litt bedre før jeg innviterte hehe. Så fint at dere kommer med. Språket kommer nok til å bli engelsk her inne
Comment by Rita Verena Nylund on November 14, 2008 at 1:48am
Hei Whitecougar. her vil jeg selvsagt være med. :)


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