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Comment by john carroll on January 2, 2009 at 9:33pm
Origin of The World Flag
The World as we now know it is becoming increasingly interconnected. “On the International Scene, it’s a whole new deal out there. Global Economic Health or lack of it is of transcending consequence.” Politically, Economically, Environmentally – national issues have become Global issues. “Does any one nation have the right to cut down a large tropical forest, thus deleteriously affecting the earth’s atmosphere – to poorly design nuclear power stations that could accidentally spread radioactivity beyond it’s borders?” Questions much like these are becoming more and more at the forefront of International concern and the solutions therein call for Unity – in both Environment and Innovative Design; Anticipation and Application.

This transition into a “Globally – Concerned” World gnaws at the – “outmoded 19th Century Pre-nuclear notion of National Security.” If we are to move toward and embrace this change it must be done quite consciously. Whereas other transformations mankind has passed through have been accomplished inadvertently; moving from the Industrial age into the age of Cybernetics must be accomplished through a much heightened Global Awareness.

Throughout history man has evolved controlling direction by eliminating resistance. We are at a very critical juncture in this process. Man has created – perhaps paradoxically – the “Human-Gap”; a dichotomy between the growing complexity of our own making and a lagging capacity of dealing with such advances. Examples of this have been quite widespread globally; the environment pleading for relief from human exploit along with people(s) of oppressed nations crying out for freedom, democracy. Solutions seem to lack inspiration due to reactionary process and bureaucratic entanglement.
A move must be made away from our crisis – management attitude – globally – toward conscious anticipatory innovation. “Development is programmable; Discovery is not.” Ephemeralization – the acceleration of doing more with less – will and must become in-grained through Global-Awareness and Cooperative International participation. In promoting this Global consciousness; this Design Initiative must focus on the future, on new life, on children – the Hope of the Future. Therein all others will consciously or subconsciously benefit. Since children acquire 98% of both (+) positive and (-) negative influence by age 13, their environment and exposure to stimuli becomes essential from the start. As we have witnesses – especially as of late in China – universal attempts to reform and/or restrain other humans by political actions, laws, codes become self-defeating. Therefore Reform the Environment, not man.

As always talk is cheap, innovative anticipatory action rare. The need to heighten our “Conscious-Global-Awareness” is now more than ever essential. The need for Global Participation in this “shared fate” environment is key. Symbols and Images have always been environmental catalysts. Perhaps now more than ever images all but entirely control what we as humans both consciously and subconsciously perceive to be of any intrinsic value. As inspiration towards conscious change; away from a globally exclusive “National Security” mentality to a more unifying Global Awareness – there must be a symbol, an incredibly powerful VIBRANT IMAGE of ONE-NESS. It must saturate our environment as a symbol of shared consciousness, of Unity, of PEACE, of Life. Each and every time this symbol is seen it shall be a sign of Global Innovation – Anticipatory Participation.

In its use this symbol, this image has literally hundreds if not thousands of design applications transcending many realms of possibilities. People of the WORLD will know that each and every time this image is seen – in whatever application – monies from such endorsement will directly benefit Global Innovation in support of Cutting-Edge Anticipatory International Activity. A non-profit foundation will accrue and disperse funds after bi-yearly, quarterly or possibly monthly consortiums consisting of inspired individuals of all ages and all walks of life.

This organization must not be a one time project but an ongoing shared interaction as a catalyst for change and future Anticipatory Innovation for the collective syntropic well being of all life. If this simple yet intrinsically complex mission is to be accomplished, it must gain support and exposure from individuals and organizations of many different arenas’ internationally.

In pursuit of Design Innovation, Environmental Reform and Global Awareness – I’ve created such a SYMBOL – and wish to share it with all who are READY…

I present – The World Flag ©

The World Flag © 1988 Paul Carroll
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Comment by john carroll on January 2, 2009 at 9:32pm

Comment by john carroll on January 2, 2009 at 9:31pm


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