Whispering Trees

Splinters of conversations midst whispering trees
Some I've seen  shiver as they feel the cool breeze
Come winter should they really cast off summer clothes
I wouldn't go skinny walking in December thar knows

But nature has so many tricks up it's long sleeves
Pollen may bring new life but it just makes me sneeze
Follow a trail through the woods to the shore and we may see
Such diverse life forms as lichens and sea anemones

Evolution stood still for some life that still thrives
Sharks have existed many millenia as they now live their lives
Horseshoe crabs are another marine animal to be found
Fossilized in rocks millions of years underground

Do the Oaks who lived long times without being felled
Ever reveal all they've heard or perhaps even smelled
Written in their rings are the records of good years
Did those with poor growth cause them some fears

Willows may whisper more than many others I've heard
Silver birches though rattle when they are disturbed
The bean seed pods on Catalpa Bignonioides could deceive
Eaten with your sunday roast they might make you feel peeved

But trees on the whole are quite honest and true
Despite how man treats them they're mostly friendly to you
They shelter us with good will when the rains starts to fall
And when we need firewood for warmth they provide it all

While others freely give so much fruit we can eat
And nuts that some find are a nourishing treat
But still as I meander through thoughts thick and fast
I wonder when those trees will whisper in English at last

April 7th 2009

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Is that true?
Dear Gopi - yes, it is true. I often stand among Trees with my eyes closed and I can hear them talking to each other. Try it!
And yes, it is true that Rhumour (aka Dave) is a very clever poet and he writes these words ONLY because he knows it, has seen and heard it. Yes?

Many people talk to animals, Trees, plants, mountains, the ocean, the sky, the insects and butterflies - I find that when a butterfly comes near, I just can't help saying "Oh, Hello, Beautiful thing."

You see, in this way God knows his children are alive and enjoying the World He gave us. If I had created the World, I would want people to smile and enjoy it. :)

Thank you for visiting this group Gopi Kanta Tree-Friend, I think you enjoy it!! :)

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Thank you Mary Rose - much appreciated, Dave
Yes, trees whisper to each other that is the Law of Life, it gives you what you desire.

Thank you Serene - great pic :)

Best wishes, Dave


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