Please tell us what you can give here to empower Education for peace. Any particular skills, any suggestions, any needs, any projects. Tell us here !

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Ok thank you, i will check out your links very soon, sounds interesting, hope it's not a commercial business :)
Hi Vincent,

In response to your inquiry into what can I give to empower education for peace, I have dedicated the rest of my life to trying to create more peace and human harmony in our world.

As a result, I host and produce a TV program entitled "World Harmony: Can It Happen?" which has that intent. This program can be seen not only locally but also on the worldwide web.

Also I am involved with peace in my community. I am the current president of the Tucson Peace Center, the Peace Group Leader of my church, and a member of Democracy for America.- Tucson and on its Steering Committee.

My television program is about educating people, the Tucson Peace Center is an educational organization, and the Peace Group at my church and the Democracy for America - Tucson also are involved with education for peace.

All the best to you, Vincent,
Thank you for this reply, can you give the link of your tv program please ?
we have in our school beyond the walls all the tools to teach/learn languages, see the other discussion with some examples about free elearning languages. For example Louise, can you give us in the discussion about elearning languages the languages you use... Just english ? an other one ?
Hi to Vincent and all,
I am not anywhere near the level of Free Digital Soule! I don't have any portals or diagrams. I am not sure what Education for Peace is right now, so I really need more info. I am like my friend Jenna, I also believe that people need to be empowered above all. Once food, shelter, etc. needs are met, we can talk about peace. But it needs to be a meaningful interaction, as Jenna says,if you're bored you are not taking it in. So I would say any teaching must be hands on and practical, even through the internet. Why would a child soldier in Africa want to hear about peace? Questions such as these need answers.
no Louise, here is my feedback, be patient... but i'm quite busy in many places, so i need some time to reply... when you write Once food, shelter, etc. needs are met, we can talk about peace; you're right but i'll add ... education. i don't know if you know well the issue of children soldiers. I was teacher in Liberia during the beginning of the civil war, and i do know that the former children soldiers NEED education to Peace just to go beyond the traumatism of their crimes. they are victims like people they killed. I know them very well... About Education for Peace i'll give you infos when you'll ask questions. I'm able to develop here a program about education for peace where people from africa, asia, europe, americas teach and learn together... It's not a virtual program, it's an effective program which works for around one year in my School Beyond the Walls...
Dear Vincent,
I admit my knowledge of child soldiers is limited to the academic. I did not mean to imply that education was not important. I believe that education and teaching people to THINK is most important. I have made a lot of sacrifices to obtain my own education, and I love to think and learn!
I have a Master's degree in Psychology and Counseling. I have been a peace activist since the late 60's. I am in America, and I believe it is important for all of us to teach and learn together. I will do whatever you need, and I believe in this cause.
Thank you so much Sharon for your help, we'll build this space little by little, together :)
I consider "Education for Peace" to simply mean helping people to learn how to get along with each other with less friction and more harmony.

My understanding is that some quite good materials and resources are available here in Australia for primary and high schools about demystifying others. Whether they are used effectively and successfully is a question that I am not really qualified to answer.

I am primarily interested in possible adult education projects that do not simply attract only "the converted." Various things some of us have tried locally have not been brilliantly successful. So I am really here to learn.

What I can give for now are some time, some organisational and systems and computer skills.

Be well...
== Paul RETI, Sydney OZ
[We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. (Oscar Wilde)]
Hi Paul,

Instead compilating ressources and materials avalaible in the Internet, maybe our way will be to build ressources and materials... something new, based on our general intellect. Try to read for example what the italian philosopher Toni Negri sait about General Intellect in his book Empire.
Hi Vincent,

Building and inventing new things feels good. We can all learn much from history, Often the best way is how the Japanese rebuilt their economy after WWII. That was to find and copy and use the best there is now. Once they mastered that, then they started to build and invent new things. That achieved good results for them.

Hope you had a great burpday. :-)

As I wrote to you personally, if you can write a piece of 150-600 words (with pictures). We'd be happy to feature it on the main page.


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