Today I am going to request all members of Voice For Peace to keep this voice alive in case I may not remain in this world. At the moment the Voice For Peace is facing threat. Some forces, who want the war to remain continue in the world want to make the Voice For Peace silent.
Though at the moment I am prepared for the worst, but I have only concern as what will be the future of Voice For Peace after my departure from this world. Someone among you has take the reign of Voice For Peace. Please spread the message of peace to the whole world. I have been receiving threats daily to keep my mouth shut as the war-mongers have been fearing that they will lose the chance of accumulating money in case peace returns to the world. My wife and my children have been facing the same threats.
I am just asking this question from the whole world. Is speaking in favour of peace a crime?

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No deae Muhammad speaking for peace is NO crime! I am so so very concerned for you and your family, and all others speaking out against war,violence and speaking,writing for peace. Please be safe,careful in your writings.. we are with you friend if only in our hearts & thoughts.. We will continue this Voice For Peace, I can only speak for myself and not other members here. I am not going to be silent,nor silenced. Ever! 'till I am in the grave.
Many Blessings ,Much Love. and I Cry For Peace
Thank you very much my dear friend Leah D. for speaking in favour of Voice For Peace. The time is not far away when this will be the voice of the whole world. The whole world will be demanding peace in one voice. That will be the collective Voice For Peace. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any.

Yes My Dear friend WE are uniting in Love and Peace..ALL over the world! The whole of the world here on Mother Earth is crying out for Peace & a better world. I am honoured to be a small part of this group and for uniting in ONE VOICE for Peace.

Many Blessings for You and your family..We are family..smiles for you dear Muhammad
My dear friend ... all my thoughts are with you and your family during these ongoing threats, as you already know. Others here are also praying for you, visualizing your well-being, or doing whatever else they believe might send you any strength or support.

I've promised you before, but I'll say it again here: Voice for Peace will NEVER be silenced. I am not there, and I rely on others to share photographs and personal stories so that I can tell people here what is really happening there ... but I promise to continue doing this, no matter what. If anything should ever happen to you, I will not let you or your work be forgotten.

That said ... please be safe. Your voice is unique in all the world, and the world needs you. Your family and the people of Bajaur Agency need you. Many others of us around the world are inspired by your strength, by your commitment to peace even in the face of such terrible violence, by the courage with which you have continued to work for peace when others actively try to silence you.

Walk safely. Tell me to hush and wait for later when it's morning here, but night has fallen in Pakistan and you still need to walk home--and I'll try to be better about noticing the clock when we talk! Take different routes if you think someone might lie in wait to harm you. Keep yourself alive, so that your voice will still be here when the fighting passes and your people need your leadership.

It is a very dark time now, but light will eventually return to your homeland, I'm sure of it. I want you to be there to see it.
Muhammad ... I wrote this many years ago. I'm sharing it now in case it might give you any extra strength or comfort. I care about you, and about Fatima and your children.


It's a long drive up to the woods on the lake
At least a long drive to make before dawn,
When I still have to make it to work later. . .
But I want to see the sunrise.

I want to see the sun float round and pink into the yellow sky,
With the water sparkling from black to gold beneath it,
And the forest stirred to misty life by warm fingers of light.
It's all worth it, to see the sunrise.

Of course, I could settle for an ordinary sunrise.
I could sit in my robe on the front porch
And see half a globe ride up the side of a house--
That is, after all, a sunrise.

But I'm not an ordinary person.
I don't want to look down a crowded street.
I will rise in the darkness and drive with the moon
For an extraordinary sunrise.

And so, determined, I sit among the dark dewy leaves,
And pull soft flannel across my cheek against the chill . . .
Waiting, blinking sleep-heavy eyes across a black lake,
Just to see the sunrise.

And then, the first pale beams of light break;
My heart soars--it's happening!
The blackness turns to misted gray:
I'm here, for the sunrise.

But, just at that moment, fat raindrops splatter down
And the first wan light reveals clouds I hadn't noticed before.
Blackness fades only to the dim kind of gray that will endure until nightfall;
There will be no extraordinary sunrise.

The day passes, and in the evening I listen to the weatherman:
Will it rain tomorrow? I want to try again.
Something about the pink and golden dawn beckons;
I must see the sunrise.

He says it will rain. But I'm too stubborn, and I have to try,
So again I shiver in soft flannel in the dark predawn forest,
And again watch the sun fade into wan existence overhead.
But it could have been a sunrise.

On the long drive home, I question myself:
The rain could have made for a spectacular show,
But the weatherman said it wouldn't, and I came anyway,
Just in case there was a sunrise.

The next morning is supposed to be the same,
And I am tempted to stay at home, not to waste the effort,
But I find myself driving by headlights down a gravel road
On my way to see the sunrise.

Again, vague disappointment; the rain holds
And the sun rises without putting out its banners.
So I drive back home cold, damp, unfulfilled,
Needing, now, the sunrise.

And I know that I will be back in the morning.
Because the rain simply cannot last forever,
And there is nothing more certain anywhere:
One morning soon, the sun will rise.

I know the effort seems absurd;
The sun will also rise on my front porch
And I'm wasting gas coming out here every morning
For a gray, do-nothing sunrise.

But my heart sings that there will be nothing more spectacular,
Than the sun rising over the golden ripples of water, when it happens
And I know that the morning I am here to experience it
I will not regret the sunrise.

And so I will be back tomorrow, and again and again if need be,
Because I will not settle for ordinary when spectacular exists.
I am an extraordinary woman. And I will do whatever it takes
To see my extraordinary sunrise.
Thank you very much my dear friend Ms. C. for sharing this beautiful peice of writing with the members of Voice For Peace. I shall be praying for your peace and happiness. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any.

I will never be silent, and no one should be afraid for i believe there will be peace in this world.
here is a poem i am writing to everyone, all countries and tribes.

let us stop the war and pain, why fight few out the night, what will this achieve only pain and more suffering.
what is the point of war is it to find peace no it is only creating more pain.

all people stand up and lets live for peace and to stop the war in the middle east
and all religions living as one.
no more war and violence between countries, what are we fighting for.
if we continue to fight it will only make things worse .
can't you see we are destroying this world with politics and wars and polution.

Let us all work together to create a better world,
where those who cant get food will get food.
where all countries will live as one.
the english , the african, the indian the chinese and all other countries working together for a better future for all.

send the troops home
and lets raise the banner for peace
in the middle east and all wars on our streets.

For peace is written in the minds of all.

let us spread peace and hope into the hearts of all mankind Russell Paul Seager


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