The Voice For Peace is going to launch a project for settlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border.

Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes after the Pakistan Army launched an operation against the miscreants in tribal areas. The United Nations has launched a relief operation for the IDPs, but so far the UN officials have failed to reach the areas. Lives of millions of people mostly women and children are still in danger.

The Voice For Peace will provide all the facilities to the IDPs, which are required for their resettlement in their respective areas. The Voice For Peace will not accept any help from any government including Pakistan and the United States. It will accept help from any individual, but any official help will not be accepted.

The Voice For Peace will recruit both paid staff and volunteers for making the project a success. All the corrupt officials of the Pakistan administration and United Nations will asked to leave the areas as they have lost the confidence of the people. So far the UN has collected billions of dollars on the name of IDPs, but that amount never reached to the IDPs as usual it has been embezzled in the mid way. All the peace loving and honest people will be requested to support the project. The Voice For Peace will never tolerate any corruption at any stage.

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