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Aikido and other gentle martial arts have proven that violence can be deflected gently peacefully and lovingly. This group is for bringing together martial artists interested in cultivating peace through the loving and gentle arts of the warrior.

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Comment by G Alexander McDonell on April 4, 2009 at 9:21am
yes. you are right. I didn't seriously mean that all should become peace warriors. Just an extreme example to show the difference. But whatever work a person does the more deeply and powerfully they can do it the better. I would love to see each person doing the thing they do best, with training and support to learn to do it really peacefully and well.
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on April 2, 2009 at 7:24pm
I have studied what your talking about below Alexander, for more than 40 years.
There is a lot of truth to what you say and what I have learned from this study.

I do feel though, that some who are adept at being 'peacekeepers' as you outline them, should do so, but then there are the others who are not so adept at it no matter that they may desire to be, those with that desire need training or education into various tools/methods to be used to add to their ability to deal with it (the dark side).
I was not very happy to learn, that the darkside is actually a result of natural evolution!
But the dark side uses 'deception' on those who enlist in it.
This is a good thing for those of peace, because truth overpowers deception by natural law. (the light overpowers the darkness, like a candle in space seen for millions of miles)
Just as the dark side seeks to find where there is vulnerability among those of peace and light, it is not without its own weaknesses that too, can be exploited to bring it to light.
One of the issues I find most perplexing, is those who serve the darkness, feel threatened, that those of peace seek to destroy them.
When in truth, the correct path we choose, is to heal them, to bring THEM to peace.
I fight those of the dark side (more in my past than now, that time is no longer mine, but to be here in peace, not doing 'battle') it is why I do not have my friends list showing so if those who I have not succeeded at long term peace with come here, they wont be able to go after those on my friends list.
Right now, logic would say that due to it (iPeace) being so young, that those of the dark side would be banished (IP blocked if necessary etc) but I do feel that as those of us of peace learn more, we will be able to withstand having those of darkness come here, and they be overwhelmed by the peace they find here rather than try to overwhelm those of peace with dark ways.
And here again would be the call to those with a lot of experience dealing with such, vs the shy and timid and unskilled in such matters.
I dont feel that ALL should become peace warriors though, as there are many who are gifted and those gifts are best to grow only in peace, and has much to do with my hunting down the dark ones, to protect the peace of the gentle ones, who will in time also learn how to deal with those who would attack them, but without having to learn by having to learn the hard way.

Peace WILL rule, by natural law.
Truth cannot be destroyed, no matter how well hidden, truth just "is" and no matter what happens on earth to the mass population of humans, peace will rise up again all on its own because it is a part of the universe and stronger than all of humanity combined.
So it is going to be a natural evolution, that peace, will rule here.
The only question being, how soon.
And that is up to us, because there are those who seek to enlist the power of darkness "as if" it were theirs, so too there needs to be balance of those who are strong in the light, to counteract that force.
The gift we have, is the ability to do so.... how to I say this.... like the master who can take a charging elephant, use the force of the attack, and just lift a little finger, and send the elephant flying through the air to land on its back.
The greater effort is coming from the darkside, and this, gives us, the advantage if we are wise.
If not for the ability of peace (being something that is natural as well as real all on its own), and its power as a result, then peace would have been wiped out many generations ago, never to rise up again.
Its power does not come from us, but to us.
Comment by G Alexander McDonell on March 7, 2009 at 1:19pm
The Jedi Knights of star wars are based very strongly on the teachings of Aikido with an element of imagination added. But the depiction of their skills is remarkably accurate. With the years of training that they received i think it would be no surprise to develop the kind of abilities that are depicted.

The one aspect that I am strongly in disagreement with is "the dark side of the force". There is such a thing - I would describe it as disharmonious energy where the light side is harmonious energy. There are actually a good lot of martial artists who are into developing this disharmonious power - it hardly means that they are evil people. They are simply focussing on developing brute power rather than the understanding of how to use that power.

The disagreement i have is based on the amount of respect that is given to the "dark side". "do not underestimate the dark side of the force" they say, but i would say do not overestimate it. The power of energy is great, but against harmony it can do nothing. No matter how much power you pour into harmony it simply absorbs it and strengthens the harmony. It is like trying to push the air, or pull the sea - it simply doesn't work.

And this is why Aiki - harmonious energy is so important and so great - with skill in aiki all of the terrible things that are being done in the world can be simply and easily transformed into positivity and love. There is no need to fear the dark - if you turn the light on the dark is gone.
Comment by G Alexander McDonell on March 7, 2009 at 1:07pm
Imagine a society where everyone lived in peace and harmony. No-one dreamed of hurting someone else, and everyone worked together for beauty and goodness. The concept of violence did not even exist.

It seems like a pretty amazing place doesn't it...

Now imagine that from another part of the world came a group of violent people who wanted to take over this society. Do you see how easily that peaceful society could be torn apart by a few violent people? In fact i think even one violen person would be enough to seriously disturb the peace.

That's a problem no?

Now imagine another society - it is equally peaceful, but in this one it is peaceful not because everyone is peaceful, but because there are many experts at creating peace - as soon as there is a conflict someone steps in and resolves it, as soon as there is the threat of violence someone gently disarms it. It is not a society of peaceful people, but a society of peacemakers who create peace even where there is none.

Perhaps equally beautiful but in a different way.

Now imagine if the same group of violent people came to invade this society - in no time they would be met and disarmed, and the threat of violence removed - they would barely make a stir in this society.

So we see the difference between strong peace and weak peace. Many people see peace as coming from everyone giving up on war, but this is weak peace that can be broken by only a few who take a different direction. I see peace coming from enough people learning the deep skills of Aiki peacemaking so that those intent on war can be gently and lovingly stopped. This would be a strong peace that would be very difficult to break because no matter how much people might be intent on conflict their energy would be absorbed and used to create stronger and more beautiful peace.

So contrary to what many say i do not think peace should come by convincing everyone to be peaceful, but by those of us who do believe in peace learning the true skills of the peacemaker, and creating peace through our own efforts.

There are already enough peaceful people in the world to do it. But there are few with the skills necessary to do the work that is needed. What we need is true peacemaker training.
Comment by G Alexander McDonell on March 7, 2009 at 12:29pm
Have you ever heard of Aikido - the martial art that gently and lovingly turns the attackers force back on themselves. Aiki is the priniciple that this is based on. "Ai" means harmony and "Ki" means energy so Aiki means harmonious energy it is using your spiritual energy in a way that is in harmony with all the other energies around. The effect of this is to create harmony in the physical world as well as in the spiritual energies world.

So where there was conflict there will be peace, (as in peaceful martial arts or conflict resolution) Where there was disease there will be health, where there was poverty there will be plenty. This principle of harmonising energy is a profound way to deal with all life's issues, gently and peacefully improving things.

Aiki does not create waves, it is barely noticed, it cannot be resisted because it does not push, it cannot be refused because it has no needs. And yet it transforms everything around it.

If you haven't come across aikido before it is worth finding out about it - it really gives a better vision of how peace is possible. Look it up on youtube there are some great videos there.

Comment by erika on February 12, 2009 at 8:50am
I took it all in. I almost succeeded with giving medicine with chewing gum for present. But what we did this morning was to mix in chocolate milk.!
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on February 12, 2009 at 7:26am
Erika I posted many different ideas, because each child as is each situation, unique and what may work with one may not work with another, and even all ideas I tried to give may not fit, all I could truly do, was try.
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on February 11, 2009 at 5:58am
Thank you Erika :)
With my children, on the few times I would have to do that (give them medicine) I would tell them what it was for, and explain to them that doing so (taking the medicine) is much like an adult who works for a living, doing something that is not easy to do but is rewarded for, so I would give them something that they liked that was not sugar nor would interfere with the medicine, 20 minutes after they took the medicine, and if they took it without my telling them about what they would get in order to get them to take it, I made extra careful plans to make a very large deal about presenting it to them.
Even if to young to understand words well, showing them what they will get after they are done works too.
If they still would not take it, I "made" them take it because I am the parent, I did not do so in a mean way nor apologized to them for forcing them to. But still, after 20 minutes rewarded them for it and did not look down on them for not simply listening to me.
I tried to always do things small that way at first, and work my way up with them to more difficult things.
But also had a team of wolves to use for my example every day.
That the lead wolf of my team, was the one who listened and did what I said, the first time and every time.
That to not listen, while we were on the side of the road and they saw a dog on the other side, if they stepped into the road, could get us all killed.
Even if they could not see the truck coming from behind, it did not matter, my children no less than my team, could work together with me as a team, or if not it could tear things apart.
The way I explained it to my son when he was quite young, but went wild rice harvesting with me, was to have him paddle in one direction, while I paddled in the opposite direction, then asked him to explain to me what I was trying to teach him.
There is also taking the situation and putting it into their hands, like even when the situation doesn't exist, but to explain to them like a story, that they have a pet, and the pet needs medicine and it wont take it. Then ask them, what would they do? How would they get the pet to take it, and if they had to force it to keep it from getting sicker, did that mean that they didn't love it, or that they did?
Putting the shoe on the other foot, as well as explain to them that you dont want to use force, but likewise you dont want them to get sicker also, if you put them into the situation you are in, they tend to be able to see it more clearly than just only seeing their one side of it.
I then also ask them afterward, if I have to use force, I tell them that I love them and dont want to do things that way, and ask them if they can help me learn to be a better parent and find a better way.
If under pressure from others to do things a certain way, here is one that I've used quite a few times.
Doing what's popular isn't always what is right,
and doing what is right is not always doing what is popular.
Doing right is not always, doing things the easy way.
But thats also when its usually the most important time to do what is right,
when it is not easy.
Comment by erika on February 11, 2009 at 1:18am
I was learning Tai Chi, at first as if it was a beautiful dance, but was also shown that it is a form of self-defence, which I was really in need of. Aikido seems to be another of these beautiful, soft ways of finding your strength.

I love Tree's stories about his horse 8what a great story-teller U are!), because it makes me thinkof how I want to be with my children.

There has been moments when I have forced medicine into their mouths, but afterwards I wonder and wonder if there could have been a better way. There is always pressure from people around involved.

this group has given me a new perspective on the lining of mental violence and, what often comes as a result, violence.

Comment by Tree Thunderchild on February 11, 2009 at 12:46am
There is power....
I do not over power my horse.
I did not break his spirit.

Before I had him, he attacked all the neighbors,
he put his owner into the hospital twice, with multiple broken bones,
for trying to ride him past the driveway.
He kicked 3 sides of the siding off of one neighbors home after the man ran into his house to get away from him.
He charged another neighbors children paying in their own yard in a sandbox.
Then charged the father when he came to rescue the children,
He drove the horse out of the yard, and after the kids had made it into the house, the horse came back to charge him again, they had to call the owner to get the horse so they could leave their own home.
All of these neighbors I went and asked how they felt (I was trying to buy the home the horse was the former owners she could not find anyone to buy him nor board him because of his violence so I was stuck watching him for her).
these same neighbors he attacked, told me to keep him.

This same horse who refused everyone,
bowed to my feet the first time I met him.
And still does so to this day.

I did not break him, nor his spirit.
as this photo shows of how he feels about this strange thing,
the camera, coming to close to me.

He is guardian, like a guard dog.
That is not what you can have with a spirit that is broken.

I refused the horse who kept telling me he wanted to be my horse,
I wanted him off the property.
Until the day I went to check out the end of his rope to find out how he got off of it, and saw a grizzly 15 feet away from me. The horse was on the other side of me around 150 feet away, he did run when he saw the bear, but he did not run away, he ran towards us, and behind me, to body slam the bear.
That, is when I told the lady I would take her horse for her.

He is one who uses power, to protect, not to dominate.
He only attacks, those who try and dominate HIM.

Knowing very little about horses, I had many many who told me I have to dominate him, get angry with me for refusing to follow that advice.

Untrained, even to do this....
When I get into the saddle,
he checks with his nose (showing off he is looking)
to be sure my other foot is in the stirrup before he dose anything else.

What this is all about,
is that I gain more from controling his heart than his mind,
his mind then goes to places I would not even have thought to teach him.

There are those who use violence to dominate,
There are those who use violence to protect.
The best form of violence is to do none,
but to use the violence of the attacker against themselves.
Then you can never harm one who is innocent, but only those who attack, and only while they do so.

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