How to live with adhd and survive the day!

To survive the day is not so simple when you have adhd,things get so much more complicated.

Some days are the head so twisted and fucked up that you have very difficult to control your emotions and what you feel inside you... we are many who suffer and make other suffer to....

One minute are you lauging and smiling... next you just feel anger.... to be conected with your feelings are not obviously not the easiest thing.... the feeling bounces in your body and in your head and sometimes just loose control and belive that you goning crazy.

I use to choose to stay home when i feel that i´m not capable  to control my self...... it better i stay home than start a fight or become someones enemy.... !

It hard to have the right  sympathy and empathy when you dont have control!

I would be happy if someone more could fill in about adhd... maby you have adhd by your self or have other experience of adhd... plaese feel free and write about it.


With love and respect Kenneth Alfsson

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So sorry to hear that you have to fight so hard to have controll in your life. Is it ADHD or is it your tough history that mess up your mind? Now they give that diagnostic to almost everyone with problems...I wonder..

Take good care my friend and hope you find the help you need.

It is the past and diagnostic... but when things are getting to much it is hard to stay in control.

I have been in uppsala academic hospital,my youngest son has been op there and now there is big mountain  who fall down of my shoulder.

He has been so week in the op he has done before,he had stop breathing and have difficluties to wake up... but this time it was diffrent.. there was no problem at all :) :) ..... it is amazing and i cant tell how happy i am.

I am just tierd  now and i gonna try to catch up the lost sleep... i just have been sleeping couple of hourse every night for a mounth so it feel good to be able to sleep again :) .

I hope i get control of my self again .

Yes i gona get the help i need and i know that the doctors put some letter diagnostic to easy on people.

Thanks my friend

Hugs Kenneth 

I finaly got the help i needed :) ,since feb this year i have medication for adhd,and i must say ( i havent feel this good earlier in my life).... to me it is a miracle !

Now i have the strength to keep up my work as a child abuse fighter.

Today i feel good cause since february i going on medication,when i look back i am surprised what the medication has done and helpt me :) .


Life smile´s at me today ;) .... hapiness are to live a better life!


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