Living in the middle of real life.
Means ;
Going to work and return late in the evening, fetch your children at creche,
run home to fix dinner,, preparing the birthday party for tomorrow, phone your old mom who is sick, search for a thermometer one of the kids seem to have fever, have to wash, since the teenager need his new jeans for tomorrow, interrogate homework, talk to one of the kids teacher because of trouble in school.

Have to rest for a while going to faint.
- mammy mammy listen
Have to listen hear nothing, thinking of everything you still haven’t done, my God forgot to buy meatballs, now the neighbourhood store is closed, may be fish fingers from the freezer no… the youngest is allergic to fish, have to think….sausage, it may be sausage.
-You know I do not eat that mom, is my jeans clean soon.?

-Darling I home now, dinner ready?
Migraine attack, no..not now you have to answer your mails and write on the Net, must find the bed that flashes to your eyes ...

Darling!!! Mother!!! Mom!! Phone ring! You do not hear any more you just desperately try to remember…

What they said again on that network?
…meditation, shining, vibration, healing, aroma therapy…

Two painkillers knock you out in the middle of the beautiful list ..
Tomorrow is another day you think just before you are rescued by sleep

The days reality has a way of repeating itself
Still you are the lucky one you have a life…a real such…;)

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How comes that so many children get the diagnose ADHD nowadays..?
What is this? I know what they say it is, but is it something in the environment like food or pollution that has created it...? Here they have to do much more research...This worries me really..
Two or three in every class get the diagnose...
Maybe they put too much stress on school-kids, or too much conformity.

But I think like you say Gunilla that sugar, is one thing that is very bad for you, especially white sugar, same with rice and bread, you shouldn't feed your kids white rice and white bread only.

Fruit from other countries - I always wash with soap(!) if I will eat an orange because otherwise the stuff from my fingers (coming from the orange-skin) goes on the fruit. Things like that?

When you by candy....don't go for the strange colors, by natural colored sweets. I think, in my point of view, there is not enough of minerals, vitamins nutrition in food nowadays. Everything is too controlled (or not, when it comes to coloring or insect-spray), they come in packets and the tomato doesn't smell tomatoes be able to afford bying always ecological and Fair Trade - is IMpossible!
also the pollution from cars, even the politicians are aware of this!
Yes the scientists must sort this out...
May it be possible that doctors to easily give this diagnose to the children who we before just sad had problems and needed extra support and care...I wonder...???
This is an issue for myself,son and during my many years of research & teaching non- toxic & Natural lifestyle I have helped many people and children with simple diet changes,and one on one consultation..I have all the research,understanding of what causes ADD,ADHD and many other learning disabilities,as well as -symptoms of mental illness & agression..fibromyalgia,environmental illness or multiple chemical sensitivities,cronic fatigue syndrome,(which i have All of) My activist/advocacy work(20yrs experience) led me to understand & connect all to environmental causes along with toxic air/water and lack of proper nutrition in a "fast food" nation. as well as chemicals used in farming,fertilizers & pesticides..genitically modified foods,rgbh and antibiotics used in factory farming of animals..etc. Des & I are launching our Green biz network,very SOON! why not online much..smiles & hugs
to me it seems, like many doctors just don't know how to diagnose a problem.
Maybe they have to be more upfront and say to parents: you have to change your lifestyle for your child's sake - I don't know?

And again, once someone is labelled, she or he can get professional help,
but that label can also be misused. It's as if now we have millions of diagnoses, but society hasn't formed itself around these differences.

I find it very strange that still people in wheel chairs can't get around a lot of places. They must have been here for ages! There is always a conflict between those children who need extra support in school and those who are getting bored. That's why I like a Steiner influenced approach, or Reggio Emilia, because the systems are not as square.
I`m worried for all these diagnosis, which means no one care about the soul any longer since we have Physical diagnoses on everything. So give them pills..and they will manage... No one have time to ask a child; How do you feel, what is wrong in your life and so on...
No quickly get rid of the symptoms with medicine...
I`m worried I`m really worried for this development...
I have my period at the moment....
I decided a few months ago not to take so many pills for the pain.

When I was 16, 17 and 18, those years I had head aches All The Time! I think it started earlier, and by this time it was there every day...after I'd been in school for one or two hours

I took pills...started with one, and then six or eight a day.
I was given big one wanted to know WHY I had this. I think
because so many teenagers have a tough life, they expect you to deal with my ___ says: all teenage daughters have these emotions (drawing pictures of knives running through me and such?, don't think so mummy) and all teenage daughters fight at home.

Not my brother, nor my sister...none of my friends had the sort of shit I did, but maybe other people, who I luckily didn't meet. I was always with good people. I cannot forgive my mother for this. She proved me worthless.
I still have taken no Asprin...and I feel very proud!
Is it about time or interest or insight?
When I worked in day cares, my feeling was that many parents and teachers (=grown Ups) don't really "have it", they cannot really see through a child's eyes. They grew up and became adults and that's it - there's a wall in between.

I believe there has to be much more people working with different pedagogic and therapeutic practises that go around both at schools and in old people's homes and why not in all work places?
I`m so afraid that in our modern society the soul will not count. . Before we all who worked with people had a psycho dynamic way to look upon the problems. Now that`s gone and it`s just a kognitive approach that counts.

We are all more like Pavlov's dogs....(
Since therapy is too expensive compared to a pill, no one will care about how you really feel. Just get rid of the most extreme symptoms...
No...I`m so worried...
Yes, and when it comes to children, there is nothing WRONG with a child who can't concentrate, it must be something in the surrounding.

So often one gets the feeling that there is a common belief that it's this child's fault and not ours.


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