Living in the middle of real life.
Means ;
Going to work and return late in the evening, fetch your children at creche,
run home to fix dinner,, preparing the birthday party for tomorrow, phone your old mom who is sick, search for a thermometer one of the kids seem to have fever, have to wash, since the teenager need his new jeans for tomorrow, interrogate homework, talk to one of the kids teacher because of trouble in school.

Have to rest for a while going to faint.
- mammy mammy listen
Have to listen hear nothing, thinking of everything you still haven’t done, my God forgot to buy meatballs, now the neighbourhood store is closed, may be fish fingers from the freezer no… the youngest is allergic to fish, have to think….sausage, it may be sausage.
-You know I do not eat that mom, is my jeans clean soon.?

-Darling I home now, dinner ready?
Migraine attack, no..not now you have to answer your mails and write on the Net, must find the bed that flashes to your eyes ...

Darling!!! Mother!!! Mom!! Phone ring! You do not hear any more you just desperately try to remember…

What they said again on that network?
…meditation, shining, vibration, healing, aroma therapy…

Two painkillers knock you out in the middle of the beautiful list ..
Tomorrow is another day you think just before you are rescued by sleep

The days reality has a way of repeating itself
Still you are the lucky one you have a life…a real such…;)

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Yes i agree with you erica, often the answer is to find in the surrounding as you say. First i think we shall look there before we look in the brain of the child...
I agree so very much with you erica & gunilla I am short on time just now but do wish to discuss this further. I have or should say was diagnosed as child with son ADD. I believe is surroundings,environment NOT with the much I will write about soon,perhaps a new blog??
Hugs to you both
My son had some concentration problems in school like many boys have. If it had been today I`m sure he would have been given the diagnosis ADHD, He has no longer these problems and that without medications and diagnosis...He was sportive and sitting still was hard for him...One could also go deeper and in that case find reasons, psychological, not medical..

So once again I`m worried for the development...
Yes I do exactly know what you mean. D.K....I have never been so tired as I`m now, but I feel happy...I`m in the middle of real life the last project but still... Much is counting on me now I have to manage despite my illness, I must...and I will...and somewhere in all all this I feel pleased with myself...
So I do understand what you mean, and you must try to change this your situation, the feeling of being useless can kill you....
You go on and show them all. Show them you are needed.
I wish you good luck and I wish you to feel tired and pleased in the evening..I wish you to be a part of real life again...
So do I Devi~ I know what you are saying,how u are feeling..I've been there A LOT! Especially after I lost my part time job,was all i had left that gave me purpose,as I said in comment to your blog today,I went a year without talking to anyone.except for my basic needs to live,like food.spent in bed,didn't have internet,didn't talk on phone..etc. terrible pain inside & out..then I started going out for dr apt's,got online,got involved in causes..I started to feel a part of something again. I found Facebook,led me to ipeace. where I've made a difference,others became not just friends but my family. I felt needed, part of something again. And without looking,or wanting a relationship I met my match,now my fiancee' Des..Life is better,struggles ans All.
You dear Devi ARE needed,you are part of the real world, you do contribute..and when you are able,clean your own house,even if just a small part of it..
smiles & love my friend x
:) I think you need Yoga. You can find out how , on the website
To Vijay is it me needing Yoga or are you referring to someone else? *smile*
But i think that could be good for all of us...
Yes joni I think you have find the way to the next chapter by knowing how to deal with every challenges that comes in your way...
I`m so impressed and you have all the right to be proud of yourself..
You wrote a discussion joni in one of my groups...That was one of the most honest I have ever seen on these networks...You wrote about the hell that you and so many is living in, but still you have kept your optimism and believe... In my eyes that is great...


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