Nothing is more obvious than that the love of someone or something makes us portray the person or phenomenon in the most wonderful colors that regardless of how the matters do stand on that issue?

Just take a child for example Have never heard a parent say that their child is ugly just because their love for the child has been placed on the child's external (been projected) and ”created' just the beautiful child they see. This never the less what a more objective environment might think. But parents do not lie. "They tell what they "see" through their love projection glasses

Then, many of us love children why we are almost everybody
uses these strong love glasses when we see children in general. We see the cute and cuddly in the child. Those who do not have this ability to project the love on children in general and their own in particular, must be emotionally handicapped. Since they may not own any love to ”lay out " on someone else.

They may know only hate, anger and sadness and that it is what they projected on their children who obviously get influenced by the ”views” they bear.

When you are in love you almost always find your partner beautiful When the love is gone you start to really ”see” him/her and find a far too long nose, too small mouth, etc. :) Yes, on the whole he/she is rather ugly.
How can it be so? Yes, just because you have no longer the love glasses on witch means that all positive projection are withdrawn.. Maybe we now even dislike our ex partner and than come other projective glasses on *smile* (less positive)

So LOVE is wonderful. All and everybody become beautiful. The grey everyday realism is gone . The surroundings are shimmering in red and rose and the whole world is smiling against us, . What does it then matter whether it is a projection or not, we just have to enjoy the situation as long as it lasts and be grateful for it and for he or she who put our glasses on the nose ; ).

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they say that Love is Blind,
but you should never be Blinded by that love...

some people may live and love as one,
but should allow the winds of Heaven to Dance between them...

they say Love Captures All,
but,if Love overcomes Reason and Logic,
that is Insanity...?
so these are where the sayings come from?;
"Crazy about You"
"Mad in Love"

or is it all just a "Passionate Nightmare" ???

and that leads me into the poem I'm working on today...
Passionate Nightmare...comming soon,by
y'all have a nice day !!! d:?)
Yes blinded by love...:) It`s because your glasses are maybe too strong. *smile'
i have a problem with my psychological and poetic views upon life ;) It´s a conflict there... They are a bit in opposition ;)
reflecting maybe my inner me..
Hard to be a "poet" and a realist at the the same time :) What an inner struggle...

**Hard to be a "poet" and a realist at the the same time :) What an inner struggle...**

yes,it is,thanx for your understanding,
and when the animals whisper to my dreams, wanting me to tell their stories,
to speak out against what mankind and so called progress had done to the creatures,
for profits, trophies or vanity...
Exotic Pets and Birds,Ivory trade,Rhino Horns,Fur trades,Shark Finning,
Clear-Cut-Logging Forests,Oil Pollution...Greed...War...ect...
Food, Clothing,Shelter is one thing,but Vanity or Greed ?
without giving back,or re-invest in what you "Harvested" from the earth...?
Everything is tied together and humanity needs to wise up to this growing problem...
I wish I had the answers,but all I get is more questions...another dream and another poem...
I can only hope people enjoy it when I tell them how the animals see our World coming to an end,
if Humanity don't stem growth and progress,halt pollution and start trying to heal the earth,
that has provided for and supported the very industry and progress that chokes it today...
Yes I`m a social worker have had to deal with the problems in society do something concrete, that`s OK but an other part of me is a dreamer a philosopher and a a poet and these two sides do not always get along ;)
But I have learned to live with that mix that`s me *smile*

I`m glad you are telling the story of the animals they need as voice too as well as children do. All who cannot defend themselves need someone who listen to their low whispering...
Someone have to hear it and pronounce it loud...

Passionate Nightmare
Holding tightly,the one of your Dreams,
Bound so tightly,through whispered screams,
Looking past those silent tears,
Forgotten at last,those hidden fears,
Whispered dreams into quite ears,
nibbled on, throughout the years,
Warm Embrace of Silk and Lace,
Feather's caress of a Glowing face,
Leather's caress on a lower place,
a simple touch or lash of pain,
Begging for Passion's touch in vain,
a Simple Kiss or Loving Bite,
Begging for Passion's sweet delite
inside this dream we share tonight,
inside this vision,this inner light,
Cast aside your fear,your care,
Ride this dream,this Passionate Nightmare,
Like you're on a Mighty Steed,
that feels the heat, feels your need,
give your all and hold on tight,
ride the Passionate Nightmare tonight...
Thank you for sharing your poems with us *smile* and your amazing pictures...
Have a nice weekend/Gunilla

You are very Welcome
I know our world is not perfect,and happy all the time,but I like to lift the spirits when and where I can,in what ever way I'm able...
I love to use Art,along with poetry or short stories,as you've seen,to help me in that quest.

My Soul,My Tear

I pour my Soul upon this Stage,
to make you Feel my Silent Rage...
I give with Words So Hard to Say,
A Gift of Love to Lift your day...
I Give to You,My Heart and Mind,
I Only Ask,A Heart in Kind...
I Give with Words, So Hard to Say,
I'm looking for a Better Way...
My Ode' to Life,in Silent Rage,
I Pour my Soul upon this Page...
I Spell my Love,I See Tommorrow,
I Tell myself, I have No Sorrows...
Without Regrets,I Chase the Sun,
I Place My Bets,I Chase the Fun...
I Pour my Soul upon this Stage,
To make you Feel my Silent Rage...
I Give with Words So Hard to Say,
I'm hoping for My Love to Stay...
I Give Her Passion,I Give Her Hope,
I Learned My Lesson,She Helps Me Cope...
We Hold each other Close and Tight,
We Stand Together to Win the Fight...
I Give with Words So Hard to Say,
Hold my Hand,We'll just Walk Away...
Into the Sun,On a Long Stretch of Sand,
Into the Sun,Walking Hand in Hand...
I Give with Words So Hard to Say,
I'm Looking for a Better Way...
As I Bled upon this Page,
I Hope You Felt My Silent Rage,
I Gave with Words So Hard to Say,
A Gift of Love to Lift your day...
I Gave to You,My Heart and Mind,
I only ask,A Heart in Kind...
I Gave with Words So Hard to Say,
I'm looking for a Better Way...
I am so happy to see poetry with rhyme. All our old and most famous Swedish poets wrote on the rim. Now it is almost completely gone. I miss it. It's like singing acapella.
For me, poetry is music and the rhyme represents the musical harmony, the charity notes...

Thank you for sharing this poem with us.
Are you the artist erika? If so or if it`s a child who has made it I will see it through the glasses of love ;)
it is my "inner child" who made it.
I did classes in Vedic Art 2004.
Then I adore it *smile*

Erika cannot you give me the photo of yourself as you had before, so I can make something better of you in the collage. The flowers dissappeared in the ground:::)

So hard to see you now...


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