My blog-post is my my feelings, thoughts and reflections smoothed-out into ones and zeros of a wheezy computer.
Where the written word in cyberspace is copied from the human hard drive and pasted, often without formatting first. Just "select all" and then straight transferred . Which left many questions behind.

My blog-posts is also a trash where leftover thoughts are scraped
To later on be drawn back if someone manage to straighten the ”paper” and
fix the holes in the text or insert my fragments in a larger context and thus give life to the original to the waste.
Periodically, someone goes into the words with the boots on, trampled decompose and pollute like a virus. The computer hangs do not want to be with any more. Feel sick because a new operating system took over. It does not help to erase or correct. It will have to reformat the entire hard drive. This in order to save ones computer.

It is called, in this context, to delete an article, a blog-post, a network what ever in order to avoided a computer crash . This can be done by clearing the memory and reformat the hard drive.

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I Think you are very good erika at interpreting metaphors :) That can not be a problem to you..*smile*
smarty pants, lol sailor my friend, whatz up Dude??
dudette, awe sailor i use that all time when ppl call me Dude. U know peeps that call every one dude?? well I say" I no dude am a girl so am dudette" hmmm um whatz 'mon ?" u lost me there...?
am readin/typin/readin/typin'...hangin with my peeps on ipeace. getting sore fingers typing and blurry eyes reading,otherwise am smiling..:-)
ah i see, i thought was what it meant but wasn't sure, thx and I know Austraila was founded as a penal colony..ok c'ya in another thread so we not chattin' on her discussion..ttys x
oh no, not disrespect my friend, not what i meant at all..:-) just being my over polite dissin' u..ok.


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