Hello, I was wondering if anyone/s want to contribute to making an iPeace Tarot.

I have two decks, I will show them cards, and write out from tha books the meaning, told by Michael Tierra (the Herbal Tarot - The Spirit of Herbs: A Guide to Herbal Tarot) and Candice Cantin (artist)

and by Rosie Björkman
Tarot, häxans tolkning = Tarot, as interpreted by the witch ("Jolanda den tredje" = "Jolanda the third") and Hans Arnold (artist).

It would be great if there could be more contributions to what these card mean, also images and symbols!


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Rosie: This card resembles The magic child.
The Jester is androgynous, and that points towards duality of life.
It represents a freedom of choice/many identities, madness and freakiness...
the Now.
The Jester is also impulsive and irrational. She/he improvises.

Michael: Ginseng.
Boundless, immortal, our Inner Self.
The Fool has no fear, because he/she owns an innocent trust in the divine, which brings him out on an adventure. He carries with him personal gems.
The Fool is creative and original. A visual representative of TAO.
The traditional fool card (ie the most common version) has him stepping out over the cliff with a crocodile waiting for him below, a dog chasing him from behind, and him looking up the sun - happy.

I think being in the now is a very good description. not worried about the future or the past, just enjoying the warmth of the sun...
I love this!
Hmmm...I wonder too how he/they associates the cards with plants. I guess they know a lot about the plants' spiritual aspects. He writes: "Ginseng, Herb of Cosmic Energy. Pure motivation and creative energy. (something to do with incarnation) Life Power.

Ginseng also increases wisdom, promotes longevity, and builds resistance to disease.

Look forward to being Inspired by those who will share pictures of their cards, here. Love Is All, Warren
That´s good erika that you have started this discussion. I think so many, like myself are interested in the symbols as they are presented in Taro cards. So much we can learn about ourselves. So this will be very intersting to follow. *smile*
I have another Deck.

This is the TOWER

What does that card tell just you?

Oh, it is the Tower isn't it. Talks about renewal.
"The ego and the desires may be the masters rather than the servants of the inner self....Now the lightening bulb of awakening has hit us...it creates an opening for a new cycle." (Tierra)

"Unconcious motives become concious. Try and stay in the eye of the cyclone..."
Rosie talks about how westeners are supposed to hide many of their feelings, therefore they sometimes explode. We do not learn to control our energies, we stay too balanced. "we need change in order to mature, nothing material lasts for ever..."
Thanks Gunilla. I really like your card.
Yes, Joni. I recognice the World. " Cosmic Love, order and Harmony. Look at the whole and make the best out of it, you've got all the colors of a rainbow in your hand. Life is like a dance..."
Can you tell us a little about these cards?
I am not so familiar with the Minor Arcana. I would like to learn, though.

Thank you, Ito. I had a guiding hand there, too. Gunilla asked if I would be interested in beginning a Tarot-circle.
The Star, in this herbal deck, has a companion in "Scullcap". I don't know that plant, or what it looks like,
but it's supposed to be good with Menstruation cramps and epilepsy and help to break addictions.

That is interesting since I have my bleeding..
I have had drug addiction
And - the other night, when I was stumbeling around saying silly things, I had had a "fit" or whatever. It was long ago. I don't hav Epilepsy, but I used to get attacks of panic, similar to the Psychosis I was taken in for in Toowoomba, Australia in 19999. that was five months after I had married (!!).

I have not had a "fit" for a long time, at least a few months, but there was this woman I met outside and she and her son were being intrusive.
Added to that, my son had had fever for five days, this morning he seemed o.k. so i took him for a "short" walk, which turned into a long one.
He got his fever back, and still has it.
It's better-ing.

(cross fingers...)
Funny. I spoke to this same woman today on the bus....it was pleasant.


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