Have you experienced any racism, yet and what did you do?

Here is one of many examples I experienced, yet.

Hamburg St. Pauli - March 14, 2009 ___ I was the witness who called for aid
{Quote from my livejournal}

That is really odd, annoying and well you know. I just cannot put it into right words. As I said I had a wonderful day but when I went home from all those beautiful things I will talk bout later, I was get on the city train here in Hamburg between Central Station and Reeperbahn. There were some Turkeys, to be more specific ... two men with Turkey background in the age of probably around 50 ... and there were 5 Nazis ... classical cliche Nazis ... and a lot of other people. They were entering the train at central station like me. The Turkey guys were sitting down on one of million free seats and those Nazi asses just said that those seats were restricted just for them and they should go and all thos stuff. The Turkey guys didn't went away because there were a lot of other free seats in the whole train and than the mob started. I was really afraid. All I could do was calling for emergency. The Turkey guys were emergency room ready and the police entered the train with 30 people at the next station to get those Nazis out. I had to get them my ID and those stuff cuz I was the one who called them and I was the witness. So, it could be that sooner or later I got called to Hamburg lawcourt to tell them what happened. I will tell you when it will come to this. Anyway, I was really and I am still exhausted.

I can give you really more examples and not just with me as witness but as victim!

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Hi D.K. This seems like a perfect opportunity for you to see them (the nazis) as family gone astray, to sit in quiet serenity and just know that they are part of you and not separate from you. Now I fail at this all the time when I am feeling mad at someone for being a jerk, so I am saying this to myself as much as I am sharing my thoughts on this with you. We really have no other choice in Reality but to see them as who they actually are, part of us, part of the One Unity that all of us are as One. In a way it is like seeing for them while they are temporarily blind. Imagine if a mentally handicapped person was confused and about to walk into the street at the wrong time and get hit by a car, or an elderly person confused and doing the same. Wouldn't you immediately feel compassion for them and try to help them, to keep them from getting hit by a car? These misdirected hatred-filled neo-nazi types are actually no different. They are sick and confused and need little quiet seeds planted that we can plant at those times, sometimes without even having to engage them when they are acting dangerous. We simply do the work in our Conscious Intentional Intelligent Hearts where we need only agree with the work that has already been accomplished, even though we don't always see it manifested at that instant... Love/Light, and Peace beyond words, beyond measure, with no opposite, Chris
You are an amazingly beautiful person Devi...
I understand Chris's point of view, in some parts I do agree.
I plant seeds of love,kindness & understanding where I can to grow if person so chooses it to. However,sometimes all you can do is "run like hell" as fast as u can from hatred, dis function fear,misunderstanding, of some lost souls,otherwise can become the victim of their bad,violent behaviours
even without engaging them at all, including within our own minds/hearts. Some people can not or will not change for the better..I do what I can,where ever,how ever I can...being careful so as not to allow others negativity in to affect me..
this is the most infected issue for me, maybe along with "gender"...

I have heard of EXIT.
I think the y work on that too in stockholm, have a friend or two friends I think.
It seems VERY hard, I would never dream of doing that myself.

We have had racist murders (obviously) and not so long ago threats
not so
away. I don't know what you can do, other than educate yourself (more!) and to sorround Y self with trustworthy people all the time. Even if I go to the shop I try and not relax too much.

As I said in another forum: there is a film by Suzanne Osten called Speak it's so dark
see link: http://www.allmovie.com/work/tala-det-r-s-mrkt-224684
maybe you can get something out of it?

I find it frightening when you say that, Joni.
99%of ..is that people from the north of Asia? That is a very much-

I don't understand. Then you must be of a clear minority, or are you from European descent or American since how many generations

Quotes: "and we have the ku klux klan", " know people who are proud of that fact that they have murdered or participated in the exectution of people just because of the color of their skin.
Are they your friends?

I saw some of this in Australia, and it really triggered me
going mad. To be "inbetween" didn't really exist, I felt I was nobody. It was all "black Fella" or "White Fella"..and that.

I read and studied a lot the bad situation of Apartheid in S.a. when I was young. i thought it got abolished - just to find myself in the midst of that type of mentality.

I never had a problem with racism before that, but now I can see what comes in the footsteps of colonialism. There is a "gap", because these guys don't know enough of Europe where most of their ancestors are from, and they do not either know THAT much about Australia, they've only been their in two or three generations..

I dreamt that people got shot, and that it was kk k doing it, when in the morning our friend read an article of this happening up north in the country.

It was really bad. I also heard a train going in the night, and it hadn't been there since the 30's.
but we should be allowed to feel pride in our ethnic roots, eh?
What are they afraid of these who have to take out their anger and frustration on people with different colors...?
Fear...yes...but for what...? They have really such a messed up internal..., that`s why they are dangerous. And we must early in a child's life look for these tendency...and start there if we want to prevent racism...
i don't know,
but i think a lot of
talk about nations and "where do you come from" divedes people into packets, and within that package they look different.

Does anyone know what I mean?

Every nation has their own political and economic agenda...when you meet people around the world, those rules don't matter.
I agree completely joni well put! Yes erica , the question of race or ethnic background is sometimes something that causes me to be a bit sarcastic,
as my skin may be white but my heritage is colorful :-)
On forms when asked the question of race I always put Human or Mutt,lol
my way of stating "does it matter?" and we are ALL related. I think having pride of one's heritage is good but I think seperating us into categories of race is divisive. One world,one people we are all related!
Love ya' erica ,joni and all my Sisters & brothers
I get exactly what you mean erica. from threads and our talks I know this has been an issue in your life,am sorry that you have had feelings of racism based on your mixed heritage. Personally I think makes you an even more interesting and beautiful woman! Love ya Sis..truly do :-))
I say as you D.K ;Thanks that people still see to knowledge and personality...If not I will not have much hope for this world..
Good Luck D.K
You have changed your photo So I thought it was a new discussion. How confusing...:)
I just wrote and thought I have missed it. and felt so sad for that...

So now my comment seems really stupid :)
What about ethnic violence in India? Are they not racial...


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