Have you experienced any racism, yet and what did you do?

Here is one of many examples I experienced, yet.

Hamburg St. Pauli - March 14, 2009 ___ I was the witness who called for aid
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That is really odd, annoying and well you know. I just cannot put it into right words. As I said I had a wonderful day but when I went home from all those beautiful things I will talk bout later, I was get on the city train here in Hamburg between Central Station and Reeperbahn. There were some Turkeys, to be more specific ... two men with Turkey background in the age of probably around 50 ... and there were 5 Nazis ... classical cliche Nazis ... and a lot of other people. They were entering the train at central station like me. The Turkey guys were sitting down on one of million free seats and those Nazi asses just said that those seats were restricted just for them and they should go and all thos stuff. The Turkey guys didn't went away because there were a lot of other free seats in the whole train and than the mob started. I was really afraid. All I could do was calling for emergency. The Turkey guys were emergency room ready and the police entered the train with 30 people at the next station to get those Nazis out. I had to get them my ID and those stuff cuz I was the one who called them and I was the witness. So, it could be that sooner or later I got called to Hamburg lawcourt to tell them what happened. I will tell you when it will come to this. Anyway, I was really and I am still exhausted.

I can give you really more examples and not just with me as witness but as victim!

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I have experienced many different forms of racism..from my gender to age to religion,etc.
Also, I have experienced many types of racism of my friends & aquantances over the years. I have a lot of stories but no time to write any just now. I will revisit this as soon as I can
Thank You Sister Devi for starting this discussion(from a thread D.K. joni & myself were in,she said would write a discussion,joni & I said "go for it" which she promptly did) sorry hunny took me so long to comment here. As you know much turmoil & difficulties in my life just now...
Before we speak about others we must admit that we are racist too...if every country corrects itself without criticizing others world will smile...
I'm sorry Gopi but no I will not admit I am racist too,as I am NOT..but this you wrote ".if every country corrects itself without criticizing others, world will smile." yes,I do agree with this ,is very true and wise words..
Yes, it is not nice when you have to have these experiences in my country.
But I must say that my daughter can see even now, 24 years in their teaching, mopped wurde.Nur because you are not making what seems to be normal, such as smoking or drinking beer, and no teacher is simply what gemacht.Es almost exclusively weggeschaut.Ich not know yet what will become of our society?
But I will embrace you, my German Freund.Falls You can write but please do it at mir.Eine beautiful new week from Saalfeld Renate
Violence against violence is not solution...we must create awareness against racism...
Sorry i have not noticed this so important discussion. How could I miss it ? :(

Yes there a lot of such things in Sweden too. I`m really afraid, since two of my children are from India and these people follow the color of the skin. My children have heard a lot in school and so on, but nothing too serious so fare. But I read about this racism in the papers all the time...and this make me so sad...

This is really something we have to work against. I`m glad for what you did on the train. Calling for help. We need more actions like yours...'smile'
Dear Brother kenneth,
the most important thing is that you grew,changed and have learned from your past experiences..this dear friend is what matters most,not anything you did in past,but what you do today and the next..we all make mistakes kenneth,as we grow and learn..it is those of us that learn from past mistakes and do not repeat them or continue on a negative path.this is truly accomplishments of evolution of the soul. You are a good man now brother..this is what i see in You,a kind and loving man..and that you know now that there is "value of every soul on earth" !!
Thank you for sharing your story,a bit of your past with us here and maybe someone that reads this will change their heart from hate to love from racism to acceptance to value our differences ? and
To honor our diversity as humans ~ as we are One race..the Human race.
Peace & Respect
your sister Leah
Sad but true...violence is being encouraged by educated people...let us work for peace...create awareness...
Racism in India is growing at galloping rate...be as communal frenzy or caste or otherwise....it is time now to stop...


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