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Saddness is never knowing the smell of your newborn child,
Saddness is never showing how life can be so carefree and wild,
Saddness is never feeling the touch of unconitional love,
Saddness is never hearing God's voice from above,
Saddness is never reaching for that lofty goal,
Saddness is never feeling Love deep within your soul...
Yes that is Sadness Michael. The grief comes from so many sources and takes so many forms.

Long since I saw Michael. Hope everything is OK with you.
I wish you all the best for 2010 *smile*

double kewl..hope u get a good vacation Devi, I cud use one from life,argh! and what joni said, we all make mistakes sometimes..luv ya both xx
Hope you all get well soon... Sounds like an epedemi here. 'smile*
Where are you Devi?? haven't heard from you in so long..miss yoooo. Did you get your vacation days?
I was offline a few weeks due to pc problems,sharing my laptop with Des and out looking for a flat,should be moving very soon if our applications are approved by apartment management..just finished sending the rest of financial info. to them so hoping find out today or by Monday at latest...wish me luck everyone !

Need move before 9th when Des has to leave go back to Scotland,he already changed his flight once and can't afford to extend his stay here with me :(
hugs xx
tho I walk through this troubled vale,

I wonder who carries my coffin,
yet I should fly these clouds,

who wears my cloak or the burdens of my family,
after I have fought this battle,

who now carries my armor,sword and shield?
Thank You Father,

I have come with my brothers and sisters,
Thank You Mother,

Your kindness was the death of me...

© 2010 LonelySoul

where the Angels fear to tread,
how many tears should be shed,
how many lives should be lost,
who paid the price,what was the cost,
upon the battlefield,who stands tall,
or hides in shame in the shadows of the wall,
who carries the burden of what they left behind,
upon the shoulders of a heart in kind,
when we die do the Angels sing,
or lift our souls on silent wings?

© 2010 LonelySoul
You created this group Bruce and you got so many comments, but I haven`t seen you here since ..How comes ?
I do not quite understand. Better leave it :)
But still...
Is that Axel in pic joni? or..??
luv the pic Wang my friend ..I feel like that photo often..
I like the picture. Do not ask me what I think about the music ;)
Maybe I have to say that my comment was for Sailor...*smile*


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