The more shining and brilliant the outside is the darker are the “shadows” inside. Yes I really do agree with C G. Jung in that statement.


Why do we have to shine so extremely and for whom? When often our inside is like a black hole in the sky where no lights can enter and from which it’s impossible to transmit light. That’s Ok. That’s a human sign. We are worth loving anyway or just because….


We are not perfect and our inward is often filled with sorrow which is a characteristic for being just a human being. To top it all we are expected to ”shine”


From where will the grief and pain take their light ? No I think we first shall start to help each other to get rid of the ”darkness.”


We must have plenty of forum all over the world where we can talk about our shortcomings, traumas and grief. It would prevent many suicides and help in the healing process, reduce the prescription of anti depressive medicine, decrease the violence and all kinds of abuse, and in the long run create problems for the nations to find willing soldiers for their bloody wars.


If we do start to cut down the ”darkness” and people really feel better and regain their balance and harmony they have so much more to give to the world, in the battle for peace and in the struggle for a better life for people in general and children in particular


Today we don’t give enough space to those who struggle to survive . Where can they go?


Are there any links to sites that can help them? A network for ”dark shadows” for example should have an enormous percent of the world population if there was one. *smile*


Most of us are struggling with our lives and our loved ones without anyone to talk to.. Here, we could make a difference if we focus more on the dark inside than the cheerful external


I do not understand and I will never… I pray for those who need " the light"; Let us open our doors for those who need it most.


For myself I’m pleased if the stars light up my way, meanwhile I’m dealing with the dark sides of life. I should never forgive myself if I didn’t dare to recognize, try to analyze and hopefully do something for those on which the sun rarely shines


I want to conclude with an example. Some time ago a blog post of mine was deleted from a female Network with the explanation that it was to SAD. It was a video talking about child abuse to death. Of course that’s a subject that doesn’t exactly make us happy. But it’s the reality, The problem exist even if we try to deny it and make like the ostrich and hide our heads in the sand.


Violence DO exist so also war and other cruelty. Our duty as human beings and humanists are to recognize the problems we are facing, to analyze them with an intention to try to understand so that we can do everything in our power to minimize the damage At least we have to give it a try.


Closing the eyes for the problems is not acceptable We must shed our light on the darks sides of the life too…where it is most needed ,



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Thank you very much for initiating this discussion. You are really a source of light for the people like me. A lot of thanks
Yes many people may think that I talk too much about the "shadows" and the darkness in our lives. But since that`s a reality for so many people we have to spread our light where it is needed the most.
Thank you Mohammad *smile*
Thank you for your point of view, I totally agree with you.
Each of us has his light to shine and to bring it where we are called. That is our mission and order being in service to make the people happy, feel worthy, feel loved, and mostly that we all are one big family. For which reasons there are wars, there are victims, there is violence, people are murdered, punished ... because of abuse of power, egoism. We have the tools to open up the eyes and the hearts to make a change, and so ONE is ready to awake it will happen.
Yes we can not always shine, but so we encounter our ONE HEART and stay focused on the intention of our heart, and follow our hearts calling, we will shine on our light in the darkest night. We are the jewel in the heart of the lotus and we are pure love.
Infinite lotus heartwaves from the depths of my being
DaniMaRaEl from the ONE
Now we cannot always " shine" that`s why we have each other and can help to spread our light over those who are living in the darkness and my God they are many. So it`s important that all these persons with a "super flue" of light know in what direction to turn it. Their light is needed for so many...
This morning before I got online, I watched close to 2 hours of photos, film, letters, and sound about Abu Ghraib prison (and others).

I have put off to view and hear, because I know we (usa) tortures . .
. . I am a Viet Nam veteran.

But I had to know what was being shown and said. It was deplorable that so called 'following orders' makes so many to be same or worse than Nazis.

So, of course, I got Triggered and in more darkness.

I spent the night dealing with my body - the cancer that has spread, causing more pain (physical and emotional), and also I have to keep rubbing my flesh to get rid of what riddance seeps through various areas of my flesh . . it is I believe infestations from hygiene.

I think the suffering in Abu Ghraig is worse because all them people were taken from homes, including children, and even a 15 year age boy was raped.

I was in Navy during Viet Nam, but I would never follow a order, like in Abu Ghraig to tortue by naked bodies . . even a pile of living naked bodies.

The only cure to have Peace is to give and get RESPECT.

I had childhood of TORTURE --> incest and beatings (kicked, thrown, spit on, punched, hung by hands, burned with cigarettes, etc.) and verbal too.
Besides dads sex to me, mom watched all the physical to me . . she told him to stop but he did not give a shit.
Also, got enemas at grandmas place (moms mom) with mom, aunt, grandma, watching, and they told grandpa to leave (not to see).

I done so much to give light to survivors and ongoing abuses, but not being old, I am losing the will (to fight) on . .
. . my head is believing the cancer is taking over.
I struggle not as much with the diabetes.

I was a P.O.W. (prisoner of war) in dad's house.

I was sexually abused by pedophiles and perverts . . started age age 3 a little, but more so from age 7.

At age 14 and a half dad stopped incesting and beating me.

I ran away from home and joined the Navy, to survive and have some LIGHT, even though was Viet Nam war, but I did not care if the VietCong killed me ... you see - it would not be my dad (with his guns).

Yes, I told family and others about dads abuses to me - but it made no difference.

I luckily got on nuclear submarines and that saved me from being dead like most of my buddies (one lived besides me).

After the military, I discoved by myself only, the inner child . . years after he saved my mind and life from incest in bathroom, by being a voice telling me to look out the window.
I thought of my friend Paul (he was so cute) as the inner child said look out window.
It was a mental escape.

I been molested in hospital too, and tied up in the woods too from older guys.

My inner child (child within) name is brian, so I honor the little boy in me by using his name.

I am learning in past few days that maybe it is God that is my inner child little boy brian, and if so it is ok.
BUT I MUST have the LIGHT that little boy brian is my core (or soul) and that the CHILD is God or CREATION.

CREATION makes the LIGHT (to me).

I am so LOST. I just want to pass on already.
I am very tired.

I have 1 dead daughter. Other daughter is great disappointment and has been abusing me mentally and emotionally - mostly in part from a very evil letter.

A childs face is LIGHT . . glowing with hope

Seeing a child on tv or real life is LIGHT

children are our true saviors

religions bring darkness, along with governments . . WAR is hate . . there is no WIN to any WAR

we only win (at all levels) with RESPECT flowing to and from

I do not know how much longer I can hang in this pathetic human life that is NOT humane

The other month a 7 age boy in next town hung himself . . it was due to his shrink, the judge, and who sexually abused him before age 7 . . I wish he and other dead children HAVE LIGHT somehow

I have to end this sorrow by doing other e-mails now .. my heart and my soul and my core lost too much energy

DO for children, so that they can INHERIT a SAFER planet.

I apologize if what you just read saddens you, but my best medication now is to be TRUE and HONEST about life
From one hell to another. From abuse to the the Vietnam war. Of course that is more than a person can bear.
Yes I wonder what that war has made to you. You are not the first to get mentally ill from the Vietnam war You are many...And for you who was already hurt so badly that war must have been droplet receiving cup running over. I`m so sad and I do understand how hard it must be to live with all these memories.

You have my compassion.
But you will manage *smile*
I am not mentally ill from VietNam war ... I tried to get disability but did not qualify ... so no mental ill from military.

But I AM mentally affected from thw worse war --> THE WAR with my DAD being of making ME to be HIS ENEMY

WAR with DAD is where I have the hurt and pain and scars !

I was his PRISONER but I freed myself by going FROM DADS HELL to a easier war called Viet Nam . .
. .
I was USED TO WAR WITH DAD . . so my Viet Nam time was EASY !

The hard part would have occured when on submarine to know the missiles had to be launched and killed TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ..
... that would have made me in Real TORMENT rest of life.

The mentally ill, Gunilla, is those who MAKE WARS !

But it is true, that even today, the suicide rate of those being in War (Iraq and Afghanastan) is causing much suicides, and the rate of that is not getting less.

I stopped having nightmares of Viet Nam 3 weeks after 9-11.

The only war dreams I have now, is of men with weapons trying to capture and kill THE CHILDREN :-(

I have a next door neighbor, who, 2 years ago asked me: "ARE YOU MENTALLY ILL?" ..
.. I answered her by saying SO MUCH OF THIS WORLDS PEOPLE IS ILL !!!
.... I do not use the word MENTAL or MENTALLY ..
... as too many children suffer from abuse (including incest).

The MENTALS are the abusers, especially those who REPEAT the abuse to more children.

Pedophilia to me is the worst war there ever is.

: (
Yes i belive in you. But beeing a Vietnam soldier hadly didn`t help to heal...
Brian.... I am new to this group... deep peace to you my brother. I too an a Vietnam Vet. The dreams will NEVER go away; but they can be handled. If you don't have any other resources; get hooked up with the VA. They have lots of experience dealing with vets with PTSD. AND; you have PTSD to the 10th power.

Deep peace to you... love yourself. Forgive yourself. AND yes, you MUST find a way to forgive the people in your past. It's your ONLY door out of your nightmare. Otherwise, you are going to be reliving that trauma every day of your life.

There is peace waiting for you. You have a lot of your vet brothers and sisters waiting to reach back for you.
To Ron , Yeah I can image that the dreams are hunting you long after the war is over..
What a price you had to pay for that participation
Glad to hear that there are groups for those who need to meet others with the same experiences talking about it is may be a way to process the painful stuff...
Thank you Ron for sharing that you too are a Viet Nam veteran.

I understand now more of what you've been through. I was frightened before, I could only understand part of what you were saying.

May you have strength to pull through and become a little happier day by day...



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