The more shining and brilliant the outside is the darker are the “shadows” inside. Yes I really do agree with C G. Jung in that statement.


Why do we have to shine so extremely and for whom? When often our inside is like a black hole in the sky where no lights can enter and from which it’s impossible to transmit light. That’s Ok. That’s a human sign. We are worth loving anyway or just because….


We are not perfect and our inward is often filled with sorrow which is a characteristic for being just a human being. To top it all we are expected to ”shine”


From where will the grief and pain take their light ? No I think we first shall start to help each other to get rid of the ”darkness.”


We must have plenty of forum all over the world where we can talk about our shortcomings, traumas and grief. It would prevent many suicides and help in the healing process, reduce the prescription of anti depressive medicine, decrease the violence and all kinds of abuse, and in the long run create problems for the nations to find willing soldiers for their bloody wars.


If we do start to cut down the ”darkness” and people really feel better and regain their balance and harmony they have so much more to give to the world, in the battle for peace and in the struggle for a better life for people in general and children in particular


Today we don’t give enough space to those who struggle to survive . Where can they go?


Are there any links to sites that can help them? A network for ”dark shadows” for example should have an enormous percent of the world population if there was one. *smile*


Most of us are struggling with our lives and our loved ones without anyone to talk to.. Here, we could make a difference if we focus more on the dark inside than the cheerful external


I do not understand and I will never… I pray for those who need " the light"; Let us open our doors for those who need it most.


For myself I’m pleased if the stars light up my way, meanwhile I’m dealing with the dark sides of life. I should never forgive myself if I didn’t dare to recognize, try to analyze and hopefully do something for those on which the sun rarely shines


I want to conclude with an example. Some time ago a blog post of mine was deleted from a female Network with the explanation that it was to SAD. It was a video talking about child abuse to death. Of course that’s a subject that doesn’t exactly make us happy. But it’s the reality, The problem exist even if we try to deny it and make like the ostrich and hide our heads in the sand.


Violence DO exist so also war and other cruelty. Our duty as human beings and humanists are to recognize the problems we are facing, to analyze them with an intention to try to understand so that we can do everything in our power to minimize the damage At least we have to give it a try.


Closing the eyes for the problems is not acceptable We must shed our light on the darks sides of the life too…where it is most needed ,



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Our light is a representation of the light of the One that constantly loves us and gives life. Even in the darkness of places shines the light. The darkest part of the night is followed by the light, so at the end of evey tunnel of darkness there shines a Rainbow, we minimize our pain looking at the positive always, even in the worst looking being there is a nice part, so with experiences, we must look up, always , to the fact things could always be worse, have strenght. As we believe, we confess and so we receive and if we do not believe it , by saying it to ourselves , we will, I have hope, I can make it I will be blessed, "I am blessed, now:, I receive it, then we will... patience and humility are testimonies but victory is ours, in the end, is ours, Time is but a dream..
Yes joni it is VERY MUCH so. The Joy is pleasant to share, but if we cannot share our Sorrow we can "die" in one way or another , depending on how much it hurts.
We just have to look at the suicide statistic. We can drug ourselves to death, or a long-term depression which is very much to compare with the death... To just mention some destructive options for all those who have not a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold, when life trip them....

My God...I never imagined that something so obvious should be so hard to reach out with.
Sometimes I think its no use...This brilliant world i_Peace is not real for me... So many here seem to live in another world, a beautiful Saga or something. so far away from the reality that has surrounded me all my life as a social worker but also as an ordinary citizen where I just have to look around or open a news paper to see was real life is all about.
Yes but why is this so hard for so many here to understand joni?
I was a bit upset so I wrote a new discussion about it... Now I will look still more suspicious in many eyes...
But it is something here that puzzles me so...I just have to figger it out...
What have I to loose ? more than the trust in myself.? That I`m too old to loose now So I follow my instict like a bird...It has helped me so far *smile*
You are one of all these who fascinate me here on i-Peace. You make me all so curious and I should like to meet you in real life. Why don´t I think that it is possible to be so shining and brilliant .all the time. as you all seem to be...?
Why do I keep on thinking that it is just a defense ?
Maybe because so many of the most shining people has written me e-mails and told me about their lives...many of them are not here anymore. Since they believe they are nothing worth and have noting to give if they cannot constantly shine...So wrong. And it`s for them I have created many of my groups.
We need to share optimism that`s right, we need to share Joy, but still more we need to share the sorrow ....


This is your Picture  Apolonia.  I like it so much *smile*

Yes, it means that our seeking, looking and dreaming should be unlimited...


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