The side you do not show on these networks, how does that look ?


When will that part of you get its confirmation? We usually only shows up one of our ”Network halves" but we are so much more, for better or worse.

It becomes a bit curious to know who the person behind the nickname is. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of another person behind the words. Often, I like what I see.


It is in this a little less polished and correct that perhaps the most recognizable is to find. It is not always in the fine words, but perhaps more of our various shortcomings that we recognize ourselves and understand how much we have in common after all.


It is a pity that those of our other "halves" will have such a little space here. We are placed in the tray from the "blog face" we show up. Where we often remain, even if we sometimes make small attempts to escape we slip fairly quickly back in the role wearing everyone's and all expectations. Since that role we can control and that make us feel safe and comfortable. So it's quite understandable that this role may identify ourselves while our "blog shadow " remains unenlightened But that fact does not prevent my curiosity :)


So …The side you do not show up here on these networks, how does that look? Or is that a too personal question? :)  

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Yes we can share what ever side we want to. But you cannot deny that it`s pleasant to get to know a more whole personality, means which less facade.
I try to create these forums where it is possible for those who want and dare to show the other side,,, and the more I`m here I see the need of it...

Life in not always shining against us, and when so, many feel for sharing "these days in the shadow" with others here...That`s good..
I may feel it but I do not show it to everyone when I feel sad or scared or vulnerable or lonely because I don't really feel that it is for everyone to know what I am feeling. I show this to my online friends, reaching out to them and asking for advice or help as needed. It's a privacy thing - not a fake thing. If I really feel hopeless, I won't be online posting happy Tuesday messages, for sure.
Yes of course we cannot show all our sides on the Net, I use to say that I.m personal, but try not to be private, But it is a thin line between those too ;)


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