What you sow today ... maybe tomorrow can be harvested

What is the meaning of everything.
This writing here, for example, Does that make any sense, does it leads to something positive, for the world or to others ...
I have given much thought to that question ... and found the answer to be YES .. not directly related to the changes in the world but good for others and each other. These others are also part of the world and no one knows what role they will play.

I have seen people create marvellous meeting and become sincere friends.
I have seen people open up for the first time and starting a process that can be
”lifesaving” I've seen feelings that have created ”ripples in water” effects, I have seen people create and dare to share their creativity. I have seen the security built into shared relationships ..
I have seen .. :)

NO…The answer would be another day when my mood and my focus is different.
When I see the falsity, the exaggerated and the mask parade. I have seen the conflicts between members, the jealousy and the negative competition I have seen members left out in the cold, since they are seeking for recognition but do not find it…
I have seen…:(

Doesn’t matter. Most of the time I see a big YES, and this little word make it meaningful to be here…
Right or wrong, as long as most of the time it feels meaningful I will be here.. If I will change the world? I do not think so. :) Can I saw some seeds? I think absolutely..
Will I see them grow. No …I’m to old…but they will grow anyway they do not need spectators

We can not change the world directly, by writing here, but we can sow some seeds together, and who knows one day when we are long ago gone, these seeds will take root, although we are not there to see the budding plants…
But isn’t that enough only to know… I have to think so…

What is your seed and which plants do you wants to see grow when your eyes are long time closed?

Some fell on fertile ground ... Matthew 13

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Yes i have had it on" the child within" joni,but all my friends are not there. So I thought I could have it here too...

Sometimes in life we think we don't need anyone. But sometime we don't have anyone when we need... So don't let your best buddies go ever...
That`s so true hussain...
But i wonder what is the meaning with what we are doing here. Can we change anything?
Can we sow something that later on will grow...?

I believe we are here to prepare the way for those who will come after us. Without those seeds those to come may be lost. Learning to survive daily challenges to love to be friends to replenish the earth so that all can enjoy and endure the best in life. Only by our examples can those learn and grow and pass on their knowledge. We are not here to make judgements about others but to learn encouirage build strong foundations for survival. It is so easy to get caught up in the materialistic ways of the world and i have been so guilty of that in my early life but now i treasure each living moment, i love sharing what i learn from mother nature and enjoy being at one with our moither earth nothing like getting down and dirty with her in her garden.I do get days when i become disappointed when others dont see things in the same light but i guess this is why we are individuals living to become like minded.
Thank you bridget for your lovely comment. I specially liked this; "we are here to prepare the way for those who will come after us." That is really something to think of in all our actions So much of what we are doing are hurtful to mother earth and the coming generation...
I really do hope D.K that the tree will grow,,it must since you surely have put so much into that plant..and your father know that and are smiling from his heaven...*smile*
Lucky cows..:)
They were not so lucky then...*smile* But they were free...
Must understand right seed...
But how will we know if our seed is "right" ?
This is Link to a blog I wrote based on an ipeace experience on the group chat, is a eed sown and grown..I do hope all here will take the time to read it,is to much to try to copy and paste..also much sown seeds in the comment / replies..

Yes I have read it...There we see examples of the seeds we saw. That was a good one *smile'


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