Vid by global oneness Project

What if the world embodied our highest potential? What would it look like? As the structures of modern society crumble, is it enough to
respond with the same tired solutions? Or are we being called to
question a set of unexamined assumptions that form the very basis of
our civilization?

This 25-minute retrospective asks us to reflect on the state of the
world and ourselves, and to listen more closely to what is being asked
of us at this time of unprecedented global transformation.

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I thought this would make an interesting discussion and something to give thought to..
Please tell us all what do You think?

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I guess I will delete this discussion from WCAS group, as no one is interested..I have it posted on blogging ipeace,with many is okay:) just wanted to share it here with all my WCAS friends/family..hugs x
thanks sooooooooooo good see ur words again! missed yoooooooooooooooo bunches xxx
I want to see it!...i had it on my screen all day yesterday but my nose was too stuffy to think of what to write!

Thanks babe,

lol, oky doky babe, I will leave it here lil bit longer on my profile page, blogging ipeace & also posted on AGI and anywhere else I could think of to post it, also the vid "A Thousand Suns" it is going to be on PBS (in USA)
all April in honor of Earth month..also a new discussion feature,etc...i posted the links on my vid " A Thousand Suns" on AGI site..ttyl hun xx
It is really interesing hun, and asks a lot of questions that are difficult to answer.

As far as giving up comforts, then yes, absolutely, I would give up many of them, others I could not. I like to travel, so I would still like to be able to use aeroplanes :) and ships :) travel will always be important to people.

We all want to live a life of freedom, doing that which we enjoy, not slaving away in a mundane job with no future.

Some see others as living like gods, and I do think we need to get our act together in terms of materialism - how is it possible to strike a balance between material needs and unnessary excess.....there are so many grey areas for all of us to agree on.

Population growth is a very real problem in a world with finite resources. I don't even know where to start with such a problem?

Entire nations are collectively unconscious and create conflict all over the world. The question is, what can I do now to help change this? Perhaps nothing, other than focus on my own state of consciousness and the people important to me in my life. This may change as some point, but right now, that's what I am doing.

What is it that we need? Is it someone to lead us? An authority that awakens many of us? Perhaps complete awakening is something we can only discover ourselves.

Is it happening right now? I see many global oneness groups online these days and so each individual that comes into contact with these groups may be changed forever and thus change others.

I have given a lot of time to many of the questions posed in the video, but still I am no closer to having any solutions, but I am definately more in touch with my own state of consciousness and see that change in many other people I come into contact with, especially on iPeace.

Thanks for posting this vid hun, it was really good to watch! x

I'm going to watch it again and think about it a little and then write some more....
No i see no spiritual development either and not enough solidarity for the third world.
I do not think that we as a planet are going in the right direction despite all attempts
Gunilla, I do see spiritual development but am unsure whether this is new and universal, or is simply something I have become more aware of since I really got more involved in social networking. Others who have been involved in the peace movement for much longer periods (perhaps yourself and my lovely wifey-to-be :) ), are probably much better informed and have the experience in seeing the amount of development over longer periods of time.

I think we have all been going in the wrong direction for a very long time, but also, there are at the very least, glimmers of hope that I see everyday online. I see an organically growing movement of people who want change, but I also do feel that there is much fear preventing solidarity.

What I see is that change will take quite some time, many many years.
I hope it doesn't take too long.....

"Happy Trails" & "Happy World Bettering"
I do see much spiritual & awareness development gunilla..this world wide network is proof of this too. Yes, much fear and obstacles ! But We are the change,it is up to ALL of us & we DO make a difference for positive change within our selves which grows outwardly from us...The 'powers that be" see we are uniting,changing our outlook of a global community,instead of the ME mentality,division of countries,religions,etc.. & it scares the crap outa' the "few that are the control machines"
I think is why we see so much hate mongering all over, lies and propaganda,is to divide keep us from uniting globally as one family,one community,one love,so yes we see much division ,fear & hatred being created sheeple follow along with the hateful war mongers and corporations,brainwashing them. We are NOT the sheeple, We see that we can be one community while honoring diversity & individuality..We can do it!! Maybe not happening fast enough? but is happening,now. We must all work together,stand together,be the change..NOW!
Yes Sis..yes we can & are in transformation..raising the vibrations of the planet,ever so higher,day by day.."we all have possibilities of transforming on a continual basis our own different selves"
I agree sis to this u wrote..:) I think so too..
Change can happen is possible I think......keeping my fingers crossed...thx for posting this vid babe....hugs xxx
yes is possible, i see that all the time, yes i also see so much ugliness in world too.. but i think more ppl want real positive and peaceful change, teaching not only tolerence but acceptance of ALL ppl.
you welcome hun..i want get vid out in as many places as possible..lotsa people to see it, may help change way sum people think,or at least challenge narrow mindedness..
huggies xx


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